Black Poetry : Eat soup absurd and like a group of words become text or speech


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May 11, 2006
Eat soup absurd and like a group of words become text or speech
next reach for cool microphones to school domes and try teach
knowledge, have a serious theme and like a mysterious stream
this stuff flow underground, thunder and hound classrooms like
new exercise apparatus so my mind on wise status with all type
know how, this stuff is digital and proper by the original author
haters in the game devastator of fame not a creator or doctor
my bling bright sometime as I sing and recite rhyme like a poet
and yall know it, this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH go wit
an illegal variety are like the evils of society hate consume their
heart must be aware of the darts they toss stay lost in thought where
you at? Look unravel a romance then travel to France now on road
gravel with chance to cruise came back to VIRGINIA BEACH with a load
of love for the girls in my world so at a great length cake is my strength
but now in a lake of suspense, grab a map quick, rap to this chick dense
in love talk, and somehow this is a pow wow like a dog it bow wow bark
a lot,” “SO BOO you a red bone jump in the car lets head home and start
an affair,” “NAW PLAYER I'm a true chick but that's too quick you want some
already, wanna touch my breasts and make much progress toward a dumb
bed I mean I'm a queen and strut butt gonna duck this doe” “AW BOO need
your body bad plenty flirt in a mini-skirt sweaty yellow thighs let you lead
the way I need to say “I Love You Boo” let me be a cake winner take you to
a steak dinner “NAW PLAYER you wanna harmonize when I'm in your arms you
want pies use charm look into my eyes, one boy threw me on the bed and tried
to get some wearing hot perfume but we not in tune soon my emotions multiplied
oh my panties are wet and we not even in the car yet oh at the bar a girl get
horny” “SO BOO my bed is firm and my head turned in the direction of wet
affection if I get rejection I'm hurt and alert girl you flirt need a kiss for real
flow well go to the hotel feast at HYATT and like peace and quiet no noise
oh and boys be after you, now boo girl you got pancakes and it take toys
and more than a handshake to smash them” “NAW PLAYER my juice is like
pie and ham ready to produce a diagram boys try slam-dunk talk that hype
**** junk that get a girl's thing wet and hot I get that a lot, one boy tried
to splash his car dash while he smash my cherries I sit up just in time smell fried
tomatoes he was sweaty and ready to tear it up, oh a yellow Soul Sista go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH, give a boy a date he go for the cake every time that's true


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May 11, 2006
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH, give a boy a date he go for the cake every-time that's true
one time I was home body smoking galore I open the door and boy was standing who
are you?” “ wanna be your boyfriend” “oh yeah it's not a big thing to wear hot bling
so you want a date don't fake the funk be upfront” “OK BOO I'm so into you cling
to tradition to live fake give shape to bad dreams and mad schemes follow behind
end up with a hollow mind wow just swallowed a dime so boo lets sit in the car
got a guitar wanna play you a song we won't stay long, wow boo go to the bar
fill up my cup but still stuck on which girl to rap to try trap a boo they always
get away, thought if they wet they'll stay, I grab cake but navigate mean to run
a ships I wanna have fun with your lips my mind done flipped nothing under the sun
is new, kit it lyrical and like liquid material this stuff flow like larva folks be stun
my art amaze on any part of the page it's a book start to blaze this is a phrase
from the heart boo give me some” “NAW PLAYER my panties are soaked praise
my emotions your words raise oceans in my underwear thunder down there oh
a YELLOW SOUL SISTA go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH one boy kiss my lips
and threw me on the bed so hot I was seeing blue and red the light hang from
the ceiling he spoke EBONIC slang what a feeling, your lyrical hurl in some
physical world plan is great and like a landscape it's smooth and soothe the crops
tomatoes are great but like a potatoe rake I dig deep into the ground and stop
your menu is pound cake but this red bone is gone home alone you may wanna
bone and jest go crazy on it doggone it maybe we can go to JARED we gonna
get married after you put a ring on it, oh I really need to talk to BEYONCE before
I make a move like this doe, looked at the car then step to the roof and open door
and accept the truth about this being a drop top this hot shot want my panties galore
“OK BOO my facts exciting and like black Lightning smother creatures and use
other features and girl you got butter gonna tell the teachers there's no excuse
as to why I can't have a cake date or let me try some pie I'm plumb high off
your beauty, my style nice and like wildlife there's live deer up in here soft
sand and a boss plan

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