Black People : E Pluribus Unum


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Aug 1, 2001
Montgomery Alabama
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(Out of many. One)

We hear from our political and religious leaders that American is now one. We hear the shouts from the pulpits and capital hill that there is just one America draped in a glorious red, white and blue. It’s amazing what a tragedy and a common enemy can do! Is it that we are so United in these States or that our current, tragic, State has falsely United U.S? If we did not share a common enemy of Brown, would we still be fighting Black and White? If we did not witness the loss of loved ones, would we love the ones were with? If the Haves didn’t suddenly have not and Have-nots had not suffered loss would we still be Robin Hoodin’, that is taking from the rich to give to poor while the rich still get richer and poor are still poor? If we were not pointing our guns toward the Middle East would we return to Eastside vs. Westside with guns drawn, while Southeast battles Northwest and Red fight Blacks an Blues crack back, so that the ******* and Wiggers continue to battle as the Homies and Vatos switch the blade, the blade they switch and jugular veins are exposed? E pluribus unum? Out of many. One? Are we really one? Or are we.... afraid. Land of the free home of the brave? Afraid? Fear in the red, white and blue? Not U.S! Not America! But wait. We are eager to pray now, when our laws forbid ‘prayer in schools.’ We now call on a God, that we daily thumb our noses at. We want Him to assist U.S. in killing a Brown skinned devil and we have failed to live as the Black, Brown, and White skinned angels that we’d like the world to see! We morn for the children who loss mothers on 9/11 but we applaud the mothers who have lost, or rather chosen to loose millions of aborted babies and we say it’s ‘their right’. We print on America’s false idol the all mighty dollar, “In God We Trust”. In God We Trust? E pluribus unum? What? Baptist can’t worship with Pentacostals. Methodists won’t worship with Catholics. The Black church won’t embrace the White church because “we just worship differently”. E pluribum unum? In God We Trust? Not even in the church! If I walk in and because I am simply different, but nonetheless, a valuable creation of God , I feel unwanted , unwelcome, and at a minimum simply tolerated. Did the Blood of Christ not wash away all sins? We cry revival, revival! Revival or fear? Does scaring the hell out of person count for saving their soul? Is that the way God saves us? Well I hope the revival doesn’t end when CNN find another “Top Story”. America! America! We must, with all our heart seek God for the removal of every allegiance, prejudice, and tradition of men that would preclude a true and holy allegiance to God. Don’t tell me we are united – until we become one in a spirit of Agape Love empowered by God’s Holy Spirit. Lord make us One!

k. laBarron
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Jan 22, 2001
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I'm sure I could come up with more to say to this ...
but "Amen" seems so appropriate.


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