Black Authors : E Lynn Harris (RIP)


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Oct 18, 2008
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He is basically a fiction pioneer. If it wasn't for E Lynn Harris, J.L King would not have had the guts to write "On the down low" and Keith Boykin would not have piggy backed off of J.L King when he wrote "Beyond the down low"

However, J.L King and Keith Boykin don't come any where near E Lyn Harris. E.Lynn Harris's writings were classy and tactful.




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Oct 18, 2008
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have read a few of his books

I haven't read anything by him in about 11 years or so. I really enjoyed "Invisible life","Just as I am" and " If this world were mine" but after that, his writing style seem to change, almost as if he was on a publishing schedule, so after that last book I mentioned, I didn't read anything else by him.


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