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Jan 26, 2009
Lately I have been having very odd and disturbing dreams. All of them have occurred in about a weeks amount of time and have left me completely clueless and anxious of their meanings.
Dream 1
I was walking home to my former house when a dog began to bark at me. ( I am terrified of dogs) And then his owner approaches me (an older white man) and just stares as his dogs barks at me. I then continue my walk home when they both follow me. I walk faster and finally reach the house when I lock the screen door. However, the man seemingly easily opens the door and without a key and comes into my home. He then proceeds to rape me. The whole time I am trying to dial 911 on my phone but I can only manage to dial 119, 991, and 919. Once it is over, the man leaves but the dog has completely disappeared. And as the man goes out of the door, he changes from an older white man into a younger black man with a red jacket and hat on.
Dream 2
I am attending my own funeral after I have committed suicide. However, I realize that in my hands are 4 letters that I have addressed to some of the people in my life, that are not exactly family. The first one is to my good friend, samantha. It discusses how she always made me laugh about life even though sometimes it was difficult to even smile. It discusses the years in high school we spent together and things like that.
The next letter was addresses to my other good friend, Jason. This letter discusses how in the short time that we have known each other, how he has helped me evolve as a person and look at things in an unconventional way. It talks about how college obviously would not be the same without him.
The third letter is to my man, Kevin. It tells him that he has made me feel more alone in this relationship than I have ever felt in my life.
The final letter goes to another friend, Jeff. But his letter is completely blank. It has nothing but his name on the envelope.

Both of these dreams leave me quite uneasy and I don't know what to think of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Jan 24, 2004
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Hello Moxy and Welcome!!
These are 2 very interesting dreams, hmmm let me suggest that you stop eating before you lay down:lol: ...just joking :lol:
We all dream every night (I believe) we just don't always remember them upon waking, but those that do remember theirs is a reason, can't quite remember at the moment what it means, but there's an excellent "Defining Dreams" online that explains the meanings of dreams.
Thanks for sharing, ...oh, and by the way's hoping you have a pleasent, peaceful sleep tonight :D

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