South Africa : Dreadlock Thefts Rise In South Africa


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Off And Stolen At Party, Dreadlock Thefts Rise In South Africa

Jan 31, 2013

Source: Timeslive via Abena Agyeman-Fisher on BPNEXT

Zimbabwean Mutsa Modonko experienced the epitome of a bad hair day when he was partying at a Johannesburg, South Africa, nightclub. After 10 years of growing his dreadlocks, friends at the party found him passed out with his head cleanly shaven, and according to Johannesburg’s Times Live, stealing dreadlocks is becoming a growing trend.

Natural hair and dreadlocks are huge business in South Africa. The locks can be sold as hair extensions and can typically go for as much as $275, depending on the length. As a matter of fact, the demand for the matted locks is so high that patrons often will not even question where the hair came from.



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Downright scary! Straight up scandalous. Pitiful. Crazy, too. I don't know why, but this is the kind of something I'd have never imagined happening (I'm sitting here amazed, in fact).
A person's loccs get jakked off they head--in this case, 10 years worth of loccs? I admit that the thought of this happening to some Bruh or Sis makes me mad the more I think about it.

I have to liken this kind of thing to rape...smh.

One Love, and PEACE


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This is a most insulting, humiliating and disrespectful thing you can do to a Rasta. This used to be punishment for Rastas when they were incarcerated.

I don't know what to say really. Dread theft. Some Black folk really are pathetic.


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Help me I cant use my antenna let me steal yours!!!!!!

Sad, then when you done wearing them you re sale them? Do u never take them out and pretend they always been yours? Im too curious, almost all my aunt and uncles have dreads, lol I would be rich with 20inches at least with each relative....