Drama in the school yard!!!


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Jul 2, 2003
da south............ATL
I have always heard about teachers having sexual relations with students (teens) but I had neva actually witnessed it. I had saw it on the news and heard it from the people I passed but again I had neva saw it. Maybe, I was too drown into myself to actually ever believe it. Whateva it was, it stopped me from seeing what was really under my nose the whole time.......the truth. The truth that any adult can be drown into something so vernable and percious as a teenager's virginity that it's awful.

I had a fourth grade teacher that was very young to be teaching. He started teaching right out of college. He was very nice but I felt that he was too friendly towards girls. Well, one girl in particular and I will let her be nameless. He would let her talk and curse us out while he sat at his desk. He let her sit on his lap. He even kissed her on the cheeks. While he looked at us he always had his REAL attention on the same girl. I grew very jealous of this. I wondered why she got to have all the fun and we didn't? I was very weary of this and I let it be known. I would beat the girl up and let her leave with bruises. I didn't care. I wanted her to know that she didn't own nothing but the new teacher that I really didn't care for. (Hey, I was in 4th grade I didn't know any bettah.) Anyway, after I left my elementary school I let that go. He was out of my life and so was she.

My middle school and some of my high school years were rid of all the drama that came out of this until.........the teacher that I had in fourth grade came to my school to teach football. He's 30 now. Other than a quick hello and goodbye passing him in the hallway I thought no more of him. I was very watchful of him because he would look at me in the hallways when I had on my skirts as well as the other girls. He was constantly carrying on conversations with high school girls. I wondered why is he talking to them when he should have no relationship with them because he coachs the boy's football? That thought like others just came and went and I thought no more of it. I just laughed and went on. After a while, I got my nerve up and I started playing and talking with him like the rest of the girls. After all, he was harmful right?


I found out this week that he was fired and went to jail for sleeping with a high school girl. (FYI: She was one of the girls that had a reputation for doing nasty things and for wearing short dresses.) Her mother got hold of it that they were doing each other and cursed the principal out. He in change called the sheriffs and they dragged him off school property and into jail. I don't know if he got any time for this but I'm sure he did. Not only this, but he got a young teaher preagnant too. She is 6 months and her baby is due in June. This situation made me wonder what if he did something to the girl that was in my fourth grade class? Did I beat her up for nothing when I should have been talking to her? I'm sure what will become of this drama but I'm sure there will be no happy ending. After all, he brought this on himself. He knew the consequences when he fooled with the girl.

I want to get some feedback on this situation and see what you think about it. Do you think the high school girl brought this on herself? Why do you think he had sex with a high schooler? Could this be a illness? Do you think he should be charged with statutory rape? What do you think? Because to be honest, I'm just confused.


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
Sister Foxi:

I might be of some help because I teach High School, and have worked with High School Students for years. I can tell you under no circumstance did this young lady bring any abuse on herself. This man was an adult, and she was a child. No matter how "short" her skirt was....no matter how "low" her shirt was. That is the relationship, and the reality. I know that students consider themselves to be adults, and physically many of you are. However in the mind of a normal adult, you are still children. The reason for this is that a teenager is still developing mentally (even if they have fully developed physically). A healthy, responsible adult looks for a person that stimulates them intellectually & physically. When a person seeks a relationship with someone who is not on their intellectual level, they usually do so because they can control them. This is the primary attraction that adults have for teenagers. They can have control & dominance over a teenager in a way that they can not with someone of their own age. This description does not only apply to the guy on the street who is looking at teens half his age, it also applies to teachers who become involved with students.

The position of a teacher in society (any society) is a special one. They are placed in the position of guiding and molding young minds. They teach young people the skills that they will need to become successful in life. In truth they are "foster parents". Teachers are responsible for the safety & well being of children in their parents absence. No parent should ever take their child to the bus, or drop them off at the schools door, and feel that they have placed their child in danger. This was the responsibility of your former teacher, and he misused his position to take advantage of girls sexuality, which is a great betrayal of the trust that parents (and the school faculty) placed on him. Your description of this man...from 4th grade to high school....was the description of a sexual predator. Not only does he belong in jail, he belongs under the jail.


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
I wanted to talk more in-depth about girls flirting with male teachers. This does happen, I see it all the time. I have had female students flirt with me on a number of occassions. However no young lady flirts with me for very long, because I stop those types of conversations quickly. I let it be know that I don't like that....that I don't appreciate it, and my female students know what to expect from me. Indeed in order for student flirtation to become a relationship....in order for it to become "noticable" to other students, the flirtation has to be returned by the teacher (which should never happen). For one reason there might be something going on in the young lady's life to make her behave in that manner. She might have been abused by her father, uncle, or mother's boyfriend. Maybe the young lady only knows how to get positive attention from a man by giving him sexual favors. Another teenager would not necessarily be aware of this, but an adult, especially a teacher should be very aware of this. Again it is the teachers role to have the best interest of his students at all time.....having sex with a student is never in the "students" best interest. It is an abuse of power, it is a betrayal of trust.


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Jul 2, 2003
da south............ATL
Thanks for the advice brotha Panafrica........I want to give an update on this situation. The teacher that I so vividly described in this post is BACK AT SCHOOL. I haven't asked the teacher at my school that gossips with all her breath what happened to him but from what it looks like nothing happened at all. He is back at school talking and flirting with girls and the girl is also back at school. I'm not sure what happened but I looked at them very suspiciously. Is this right?? Shouldn't he be in jail or something?? Should he ever be able to work near teens again?? I don't think this is right. Something smells fishy and it shole ain't me. Either, I looking at the situation wrong or APS just doesn't care about us. I think something should happen about this and it should happen now. To be honest, I don't feel safe around him and no girl my age should. He, like brotha Pan said is nothing more than a predator.


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Mar 26, 2004
high school student
Foxi this is so crazy,but it happens and they were both to blame for the situation because the girl should have known better they both did.I think that it is very sad to even be thinking about having sex with students and it's just crazy,I can't even get my words out right.I think that he should be charged and what happend to the girl?She should be punished also.....Uuuugh this is just a crazy situation

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