Black People : DR. Boyce Watkins: ESPN embraces S.A. Smith's 'Take' on blackpathology,but women provoking violence?


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May 7, 2013
Watkins was spot on in this interview when it comes to white women liberals having far more power than African-American males. Don't too many things burn me up more than to hear a brother call these white women, who benefit and quite often participate in black male oppression in corporate America, victims.

I was forced out of my IT job by the help of one of these white female daughters of satan, and became one inch from being homeless after more than a quarter of a century. During this process, I had to listen to the strongest brother in our division, who was a senior brother, tell me they were making her do it, even after she won a promotion over him. This was a very intelligent brother who spoke very much like Dick Gregory, but he wore his hair more like Frederick Douglas. He wounded up flipping out one morning on the job about two years after I was gone, and they had to escort him out. I understand about 25 years before that, he went through something similar, and dropped on his knees praying; and it took him 5 years to get his job back...that's the story he shared with me. I don't think he went off the second time because of what they did to me. I think they brought back in the same boss that ran him out the first time...they often threatened to do that. This time I don't think he's coming back. Although the pay was good, I don't think he should have came back the first time. But you have to get what you can get sometimes I guess.

If I didn't win the option to retire early after they ran me out, both me and that senior brother would have been flipping out. I wonder if he still thinks that white woman is still the victim.
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