Black People : Downlow commercial by Burger-King aired during Raiders game


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Oct 21, 2005
On the second commercial, there's plenty of supporting minorities doing satirically manly crap in the background. I don't see what the issue is here.
But, also, if you hadn't noticed, in the beginning, there was a BM scurrying to catch up with the other marching men (symbolic of BM lagging behind in society). Then, later, a Hispanic-looking construction worker (stereotypical job) got punched in the stomach. All the while, the Asian man breaks blocks with his bare hands (possible stereotype, but hardly feminine), while the WM are heading the group. Art imitates life... imitates art.


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Nov 2, 2009
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You make some good points as usual. Particularly this point.

"It's not hating gay people to reject the
"downlow" label thats being thrown at black men through the media. Rejecting
That association and defending black masculinity has nothing to do with hating
Black gays."

Personally, I dont hate gays and dont have any fear of them. But I am tired of some "gay" and "lesbian" who I encounter in the workplace who increasingly try to criticize my work performance or problmes I encounter working with them because I have "no feminine qualities" as far as they have been able to detect. Yes...I have had Black women, exclusively, throw this at me on current and past places of work. I have especially encountered this when working under the immediate supervision of Black women. Any problem I encounter working with them is expressed to me to be a result of my "personality", not thier personal lifestyle choice and orientation.

What I find is that Black women these days have very difficult time dealing with Black MEN, who act and behave as MEN.

In the context of this thread it should be recognized that homosexuality is the norm in the tv and film industry. I know this first hand. White humor basically is "gay humor". I didnt really notice in this commercial the brother humping on the brother in the front until looking closer at the you tube video. Or should I say "grinding".

On every level there is a concerted effort to turn brothers out to the point where heterosexual brothers are a dying breed and it seems as if that day is already upon us where we are another kind of minority group. Its now one more gripe about brothers. "Oh he so macho". "Oh he too straight".

So much for "keepin it real".

I hear what you're saying..

as an artist.. all of the forms I participate in are crowded with gay men and
women.. with the exception of painting.. I haven't met many homosexual
painters.. not that many musicians either.. But Writers and Actors.. yes and
yes.. and I have found some of the most beautiful and open and honest
portrayals of experience in some of their work.. it's as though their rejection
of societal norms has opened their eyes to another level of perception.. it's
really very similar to what has happened to black folks.. except, maybe
for the direction of the rejection.. society has traditionally rejected us..
we don't have to "come out" to receive are disdain.. we are born with it..
but, their blues is in many ways just like ours.. the details are wholly
different.. but nonetheless blue. Most of my homosexual friends are lesbians of color..
and the majority of them are some mix of ethnicities.. and so their alienation
is sorted of cubed.. that is, multiplied by itself 3 times.. gender, culture and sexuality..
I don't know what the connection is between torment and beauty..
but some of the most moving art comes from these tormented dispositions..
and the vibrations that come from these expressions can resonate with anyone
tuned in to those frequencies..

I have a couple of black gay men in my circle but those relationships are
not as fully explored for obvious reasons. I look at my brothers and I see
my brothers.. I have to admit, I feel sort of betrayed when my brothers
look back at me like a woman would. I doesn't upset me, but it puts me off.
It makes me understand how a woman feels to have a dude intent on
making something happen that she has no interest in. It can get tiring.

Most of my friendships have themes.. my writer friends and I talk about
writing.. my political friends talk about politics.. my musician friends and
I play music.. and so, what a person is or what a person thinks about
other things doesn't matter so much.. most things outside of our subjects
are only relevant to the degree that they affect some part of the mechanism
that we use to interpret what we see and express what we feel. And I think
that is true for most folks.. our opinions seem more important than they
really are once we write them down.. but life is not lived in the way that
things are discussed.. And our affinity for one another usually trumps all
else.. that is, those of us that really really love black people.​


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Jul 9, 2003
new jersey
I have no interest whatsoever in what white people think about this issue.
If I want to hear what you guys have to say, I'll login to or go to
craigslist forums.. I'm here to discuss these things with my folks, not with
white people so, please back up off me.
Gorilla is a white man?


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Jun 18, 2004
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i am what i am

James.. You and your gorilla may want to reread what I said.. To characterize
my analysis as homophobic is oversimplified .. Maybe even lazy. That one line
cannot be a response to me. If you can't handle the Weight of being an Elder,
just say so. I show you mad respect whenever I can But right now it's getting
kinda hard to take you seriously. No one could ever accuse me of hating black
gay people.. I love all my people.. Black gay men and women are my brothers
and sisters.. And all the people In my circle of influence know that.

It's not hating gay people to reject the "downlow" label thats being thrown at
black men through the media. Rejecting That association and defending black
masculinity has nothing to do with hating Black gays. It's really sad that we
can't dive into any topic that has anything To do with gays without someone
jumping out the bushes and screaming homophobia.

When all you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.. You need more
tools to work on this multilayered issue.. It's far too complicated For you to simply bang
around with your extremely unsophisticated homophobia meter..

Anyway.. Let me fall back..

newsflash: you are not the only one posting. when i make a comment it is to the general trend of the thread.

if your respect is based on my agreeing with you and acting the way that you want me to act you can keep it.
i do not happen to agree with the premise of the thread. get over it. grow up.

you are engaging in adhominen attacks on people based on the fact that they do not agree with you. gorillas white, i'm a *** and senile too.
this shows me that you do not have a case. the very act of your attack undermines your standing. karma.
all you need to do is state your case if you have one and move on.

you need to learn how to disagree without being dis agreeable.

few people on this site agree with me. you don't see me attacking folk do you? why don't you try it?

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