Black Poetry : Domestic Violence


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Apr 28, 2005
I remember the first time
Do you
The house was a mess
We knocked everything off the table
I was hospitalized and found stable
A busted lip, a fractered hip
A black eye, a swollen thigh
And all you had was my blood
My lover
My enemy
I'm afraid of you
Cause there's nothing I can do...
To stop you
Wait, wait
Don't hit our son is in the other room
Remember that night
We had a fight
You broke my water
Cause I told you I wanted a daughter
Remember the time I almost died
Do you remember those nights
The nights that I cried
It wasn't always that way
But I refuse to stay
I'm leaving
And I'm taking my son with me
You can't stop me
Don't try it
Put your hands down
Cause I'll stab you like Keke Wyatt
And bury you underground
So sit down and reminice
Cause I'm going out of town
And you're going to miss this chick
You beat me for years
Why? I don't know
Was it a show
If so I didn't enjoy it
I'm not an animal
It's not fair
Remember the time you beat me with a chair
Remember the time you put fire to my hair
I do
That's why I can't be with you


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Jan 24, 2004
Brick City
day care provider (own business)
Welcome ephlat to love ...not war
Surely you will fine peace here, thanks for sharing this piece, it was nice.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
word up !!!
welcome to poetic playground
welcome to the house of warmth and peace
welcome from above blessing this love

very nice piece.......welcome


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Oct 4, 2003
You definitely got my attention with these vividly painful words. Potent flow here. Welcome to destee, do flow some more.

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