Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Does Braiding Damage Our Hair?


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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
I've noticed that when I corn row my hair (all natural no extensions) when I take it out it's not as curly as it usually is as if the bonds that curl it have been broken or stretched. Well that's what perming does. Because the curl structure of my hair is so strong the ends of the braids curl up but I have three little braids near the top that refuse to curl even after I put water on them. Is this a sign of damage? Also I noticed some hair came out especially when I washed it after taking the braids out.

Jan 22, 2001
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Sister River ... i can't imagine dealing with my hair, without braiding it.

Braiding it is as much a part of the general upkeep, as washing it. I'm sure i braid it more than i wash it!

I think the damage may come in, when we leave the braids up too long.

It seems to me, the hair gets frayed at this point, the braid doesn't look neat any more.

I don't know ... but i can't imagine life, without being able to braid my hair.

I'm talking just plain braids though, plaits, kinda like "Celie braids" ... :D




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Braids for the natural hair is very good brings new growth
like destee said if they are left in too long the hair become fuzzy and frayed
tend to tangle which do and will pulls the hair from the roots causing breakage
and un-even hair .

If you braid it and keep it up refresh and rebraid it will give you a blance full texture
of hair .

no braiding your hair won't harm it if cared right !


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Mar 6, 2006
We need to break it down more. Braids with extensions (especially synthetic hair) are NOT good for your hair. It may seem to help your hair grow but it's not; nothing can make your hair grow really. The reason it seems that way is because you aren't constantly styling your hair so you have less shedding on a daily basis. Some of the hair that comes out when you take your braids out is just the natural shedding that was not apparant while the hair was braided. Some of it is breakage from build up from leaving braids in too long. I have too many braid horror stories to count (that would have to be its own post/topic).

Just like anything we do too much, it can cause problems. If we stress one part of our hair over and over again (i.e. wearing the exact same style all the time), it can cause problems over time. Corn rows done too tight or too often can cause alopecia (hair loss). I developed this problem after years of having natural hair thinking no perm = no problems. Not so fast. I always wore the front of my hair corn rowed because I was never a fan of the mini fro, so my hair was always stressed in the front and now I have some places in the front where my hair broke off and is very slow to grow back. Mind you at the time I didn't think my hair was even braided tight.

I think variety in hair styles helps. Braids aside, if you wear a pony tail everyday you will notice over time the back of your hair may start to break off because you are constantly pulling it into the pony tail (regardless of your hair length).

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