Black Poetry : Dodge potions the size of large oceans like an albatross at a loss for words and still a boss bird w


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May 11, 2006
Dodge potions the size of large oceans like an albatross at a loss
for words and still a boss bird with wings and bling with gloss
appear to slaughter the shear waters of the sea and fish are tossed
to the side, from a generation to win but a sensation of the skin
brings a desire the scratch and may require a dispatch of lotion begin
to rub on with a hug strong enough for the bedroom keep his head
groom in case of a kiss encounter of the sweetest kind them red
lips make his head trip, plan his fate of correction like a candidate
in an election see cake and debate like fish dodge fools that hate
travel in large schools of fakes with camouflage rules and take
drugs, a sole survivor and a bold diver when it comes to a sea hunt
there be funk below the water prevails that go and slaughter whales
like MOBY DICK like KOBE he's quick “DEAR BASKETBALL” lead to trails
of a layups “SO LOOK BOO you in the wet zone can we jest get along like
RODNEY KING I'm wearing godly bling and it's oddly to cling on to jewels
they fuels the imagination and leave fragmentation of memories cruel
to deal with, now he's cool after dark but like a pool shark he make all
the eight balls got steak on his plate yall he hate to fall short use tall
love words, he's rapping to a PHILLIPINE CHICK want cream quick now
this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH it's a sex alert and your lips red
which mean you're an expert in bed, next the flirt has misled his head
he has fine bling and like hind wings it fly he want legit pie “AW GIRL spread
the love then your thighs we can begin with the pies” “NAW PLAYER make
decisions hate fake collisions take civilians on a mind trip this stuff bake
like a cake, my thing wet and sweet met you in the street you get to meet
a chick that's all that and a phat bag of chips you brag about my hips keep
in mind an affair can get deep sometime for PHILLIPINE CHICK here in
VIRGINIA BEACH you want some lace and ready to come face to face then
the chase is on, I'm a female and sweet but fail to meet the noon deadline boys
wanna sniff perfume have red wine my Philippine beauty fed their mind this annoys
them, wanna tease me with a dope plan I must squeeze hope's hand do an extreme
reach for this Philippine peach oh my panties are wet and silk you wanna get cream
and milk and my breasts not ready best dressed but hot and sweaty you plot
with confetti to celebrate but my mini-dress pulled down and you wanna mess
around and test a pound of my PHILLIPINE SOUP huh? Oh wow we can't rest
cease work feast and flirt increase with twerk he wanna piece of my skirt
because desert is under it, breast is deft now rest myself my ears hear, alert
to this,” “SO BOO you bless and convince and less tense I guess the suspense
is not here, we're not abolishing leather our plot is polishing it forever rinse
our hand of this, now ;you a hot girl and should let me rock your world fence
in your love, so boo I'm fit to undertake a flight admit a little thunder and
your cake is right some boys weary with whackness, theory and practice plan
to improve instructions on drops is like production of crops the seed must grow to
prosper on a roster of love, wear most of my dew rag and to boast mean to brag
my pants clean and don't sag, consider the years I've wept bitter tears that's a hash tag litter appears in the form of love letters, try come with facts and lace to an exact place
known as the bedroom but misled goons get it twisted nothing ballistic about this taste
now you're a PHILLIPINE CHICK your love fighting mad and like a writing pad I'm ready to
jot down hot nouns won't stop until I'm downtown you will move your thing around boo”
“OH I'M not so sure about that my thing is pure the lips phat well I best leave before
something like that happen that type of rapping get a wet girl in trouble every time
travel and flow best there could be a babble of protest that unloose bra right online
and go for the breasts, I see those as MIGOS “BAD AND BOOGIE you glad it's juicy no time
to be mad at LUCY because my thing itching in the kitchen and it's stir fried so really
it's CRAB AND SHAKE you wanna grab the cake with a plate on boy already ate so silly
of me not to figure this thing out
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