Black People : Do You Primarily Share Opinion or Fact - Do You Know The Difference?

Do You Primarily Share Opinion or Fact - Do You Know The Difference?

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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Peace and Blessings Family,

Brother Shikamaru shared the difference between opinion and fact, in our new voice video chat room .... on the mic! :)

He said that if it is a fact, you will have resources supporting that it is a fact.

If it is an opinion, you will probably have no resources to support what you're saying.

(Brother Shikamaru ... let me know if i got that wrong).

Okay ... so after he said that ... i was like ... what da hizzle ?!!! ... :eeek: ... all i have is opinion !!! ... :bye:


Oh Gosh. Am i the only one with opinion only? I problee can scrounge up sump'n to support what i say, but that means work ... :bye:

Can one win a debate, with opinion only? I say yes! Though i'm not sure how ... :look: ... please tell me how.

Can one's own experience in life, be presented as a fact in a debate ... since i lived it and saw it ... or is it still just opinion?

I'm so lost ... i know Brother Keita is bringing fact ... he has supporting evidence ... :cry:

Okay ... back to the question at hand ... do you primarily share opinion or fact when debating / discussing?

Please vote in the poll above and share your comments below.

Thanks in advance.

Love You!




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Aug 20, 2010
Like I said in chat...
Facts begin as someones opinion turned into "actuality of the truth"..
So who holds the truth that becomes a fact!? Was their opinion proven from their past experience tht proved it to be a fact?
Can't leave out the beginning to get to the conclusion!
I ca't seem to assertain the diffrence either! Quite debatable but then facts arn't debatable but opinions are right! So we are judging right opinons verses wrong opinions to be the fact of your liking or understanding! This ain't as EZ as it looks:)Destee:eek:


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May 7, 2011
Fact (definition)

Opinion (definition)

A key element of fact is verifiability. Does it correspond with experience? Can references be employed for verification? Is it repeatable (in the case of scientific experiments)?

Facts often involve proof or evidence for support.

Opinion, according to Wikipedia, is a subjective belief from the result of emotions or interpretation of facts. Opinion often involves bias, judgement, and estimation.

Truth (definition)

In addition to the definitions and wikipedia references above, there is the philosophy of those items.

I have a statement which is my opinion concerning truth which I'm sure will cause controversy, but I will share it later.


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Feb 1, 2005
StreetNationEarth: Seattle
The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
i collect "data". at this point it is not biased by anything, so can not be referred to as "information", "truth" or "fact".

at need, i coalesce it into information to be applied to the subject at hand. if/when pressed, i will bring it forth as an opinion that could be construed as "truth of the moment" or as "fact of the moment". at all times, these "truths" or "facts" remain fluid dependent upon further data.

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