Black Relationships : Do You Prefer African or European Features in Your Woman?

Do You Prefer African or European Features in Your Woman?

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Dec 11, 2006
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OmowaleX said:

"Am I right or wrong?"

Brother, you are absolutely correct.

The thing is I am sure than even these "Ethiopian" and "Oromo" women are BLACKER than MOST "Black" "American" women.

Not only that, but when you really look at it, the stereotypical "African" features only apply to an increasingly regional grouping in West African countries, while if one would examine closely MOST North, Eastern, and Southern African societies one finds the "rainbow" of diverse shades and CULTURES.

SOME of the arguments here are straight from STORMFRONT and when we are not able to physically SEE exactly who some of these posters are then SOME could quite possibly be internet TROLLS and if not, they certainly are doing the work of the racist european "scholars" who for years have attempted to classify Ethiopians as "Semites" and "Europeans" while in antiquity the words "Ethiopian and MOOR were virtually synonomous with BLACK!

In fact, if we read carefully Herodotus and others, the word Ethiopian was used long before the word "African".

Yet, here we have folks claiming "African" and then denying the usage of "Ethiopian" AND "Black".

As Kwame Ture used to say, "CONFUSION, EVERYWHERE!"
As i stated at the begining of this debate, The Ehiopians that you see in American are the minority elite, and the are mixed with italian and Arab, most Ethiopians DO NOT LOOK LIKE THEM! as a matter of fact the Ethiopians in America do not wish to associate with rest of Africa and would prefer to marry a WHITE man or another light skinned Ethiopian ( i know, i lived in DC which as the largest populations of Ethiopians in America) so your assertions are baseless, I NEVER SAID ANY ONE WAS NOT "AFRICAN" FOR HAVING MIXED BLOOD ;THE FACT STILL REMAINS THEY DO, SO PLEASE STOP MISQUOTING ME STICK TO THE FACTS! as i stated to the gentlemen above if you can read Arabic, i will be happy to share works of Arabic scholars that i have. I also have works by Roman and Greek scholars like your Herodotus 'the father of history' who traveled Africa, and gave descriptions of the people and places they came across, NONE OF THEM HAVE DESCRIPTIONS OF AFRICANS WITH LIGHT SKIN AND WAVY HAIR! oh wait they don't count because they were racist right?

What part of South African wasn't colonoized by White people?

In the Prophet, Kalil Gibran says:
Say not, "I have found the truth," but rather, "I have found a truth."

Say not, "I have found the path of the soul." Say rather, "I have met the soul walking upon my path."


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May 14, 2005
Why is there this continual struggle to have lighter skinned Black women with wavy or straight hair and certain facial features accepted as PURE African?

It is due to a light/white-skin and hair FETISH that SOME Black men have for women with this phenotype. These men are super-aroused SEXUALLY when they see women with these traits.

“In psychology, fetishism is a paraphilia, a sexual psychic disorder.”

Therefore logic/facts ALONE will not rid anyone of a fetish. “There are two possible treatments for fetishism: cognitive therapy and psychoanalysis”

“Trichophilia is a paraphilia [or fetish] that comes from head hair arousal and may come from from watching or touching very long hair”
“Specific hair types can be found as a fetish, not just hair in general.”

Tons of literature about fetishes can be found in psychological treatment manuals. Wikipedia has some of it.

“Fetishism was introduced as a psychological scientific term in 1887 by Alfred Binet and meant sexual admiration of an inanimate object.” Complexion, hair texture and length are inanimate objects.

“The diagnosis of fetishism is justified only if the additional criteria of paraphilia are fulfilled, above all only if the affected person suffers or harms other people.”

We certainly know that MANY, MANY Black people have suffered from and are harmed, even destroyed, by the intense focus of some Black men and women, when selecting significant others, on the skin and hair of other Black people. I'm sure that many people reading this either know or know of other Black people who were attracted to, dated, and/or married other Black people due to complexion, hair texture and length.

There is contradictory info about fetishes, but the “common theme running through all theories about fetishes is that sexual stimulus and the fetish object are presented simultaneously causing them to be connected in the learning process.”

. . .some behaviorists came up with the theory that fetishism was the result of a special form of conditioning, called imprinting. Such conditioning happens during a specific time in early childhood in which sexual orientation is imprinted into the child's mind and remains there for the rest of his life.


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May 14, 2003
That's very interesting, Riada.
but maybe they just like/prefer features that differ from those they see in the mirror or the ones they are most familiar with, because it seems that darkskin bm/bw are the only ones with these "fetishes" for lightskin,wavy hur....


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Aug 28, 2006
Florida, USA
Amnat77 said:

While not a Caucasoid people in the sense that North Africans are, East Africans have long received influences from farther North as well as the Middle East, in terms of both racial and cultural input. This is evidenced by male-mediated gene flow from Caucasoids, which accords with historically documented migrations and settlements.
My God...that is just too much. Yes there are Arabs in Ethiopia, but historically Ethiopians penetrated Arabia far more than the converse. In fact, much of the darker skinned Arabs are due to Ethiopian settlements as far as India in the south Asian subcontinent. Ethiopia is the longest standing country in the history of the world, never being toppled by a foreign power. It's history goes back even further than ancient Egypt and arguably earlier than Nubia. You can't even say the same about the people you think are the least unmixed in West Africa. You obviously don't know anything about other Africans because so called Caucasoid phenotypes are found all across South, Central, and East Africa and it has nothing to do with mixing with Whites or Arabs.

cursed heart

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Jan 12, 2006
ShemsiEnTehuti said:
White people have no ownership over their features besides extremely light skin and hair which in some ways are classified as genetic defects given their body's insufficient production of melatonin. Africans can naturally have straight hair (as many South and East Africans do) as well as be of the lighter skin tones.

ETHIOPIA produced Honey Abaire

MOZAMBIQUE produced Sarah Taillon

NIGERIA produced Denise Lewis

SOMALIA produced Shoon Omar

SOMALIA produced Yasmin

Africans were the first people on Earth, therefore, all phenotypes found in any other group of people (East Asians, Europeans, etc.) can be easily found in Africa and its Diaspora.
These sistahs are beautiful.
I have small facial features and extremely wavy hair, does that make me less african?
I sure hope not!
Alot of men/friends/family tell me I have facial features like an indian woman.
I don't know my complete family history but everyone in my family I have met is African.
Men like what they like simple!
Also what you like changes with maturity.

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