Science and Technology : Do You Play Those Video Games - PS3 - Wii and Them?

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Peace and Blessings Family,

Do you play those video games ... PS3, Wii, and them?

I don't play or own them, and am amazed at the number of grown folk that do ... including my grown children!

I guess i'm old ... or sump'n ... because i never played them, though i've bought a few.

And i do mean a few ... well ... more like a couple ... :)

My children were blessed with GrandParents that bought that stuff for them, but i had to pick up the slack every now and then.

I remember nintendos and stuff ... do people still play with those?

Oh my gosh ... i'm probably telling too much right now ... let me stop.

But how about you ... do you play the video games that are out now?

Is it all between PS3 and Wii ... or is there another contender or two at the top?

Which is the best ... PS3 or Wii ... if you were to recommend a purchase??

Yall let me know ... i might be having a baby again soon ... and need to be up on this ... :wink:

Love You and Thanks in advance! :grouphug:




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
LOl @ destee having a baby soon ......hahahahahaaha

yes ! I have played them own them and some games can be relaxing
I love sports so i have every 2K game and the NBA lives for both system
the PS3 and the XBOX 360

when i first played one it was the Atari .........look out $$RICH$$ you going
too far back they gonna know u old as dirt......but yes i have the nintendo
and the nintendo64

Microsoft chips in these system well you know Bill Gates getting mad rich

I once had a Dreamcast system they went out of style in one year wow......

I love my 2k11 with M.Jordan on the front they making it look so real
I like 2K better then Live they look more realistic and all the graphics wow

my daughter love that wii game she like dancing and bowling this system
was made to get them folks to workout more

I'm guilty because i still play with these game systems as a personal hobby

I've paid 299.00 for some of these systems and the games run like 49 to 59 bucks

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
wait a minute MY $$RICH$$NESS ... why you laff'n at the thot of me giving birth ... i'ze a woman! :)

but you surely brought it on the games! ... i didn't think to mention XBOX ... i've heard of that one too.

My Daughter has the Wii ... and i've played once with her ... do people really lose weight playing those games?!

Now ... if i can really lose some weight ... for $300.00 or $400.00 bucks ... i guess it might be worth it.

My son has the PS3 i think, but i've never played it.

I do get the impression that the games are very lifelike.

I remember seeing a game ... Grand Theft Auto ... and the folk were stealing cars, having sex in the back seat, all kind of carrying on! I guess they have ratings on these games ... but ... well ... that one obviously stuck in my mind.

And now, from what i understand, you can connect to the Internet with them from home, and actually play against folk from all over the world? I guess that's why when Sony was hacked or whatever, folk were all stressed, 'cause they couldn't play their games the same? I don't know ... just browsing thru my mind right now, on this topic.

I guess it's pretty kewl for the kids, if their parents love playing these games, kinda guaranteeing that they get 'em too!

lol @ my poor kids ... if left up to me ... they'd get a deck of cards and some dominoes ... :lol:

Love You! :kiss:




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
yes you can lose weight because you are the commander they do what you do
if it call for you to jump then you do it, bowling you can ware yo arm out
and that dancing M.Jackson Game whewwwww!!! talking bout a moonwalk

true can log ya system to the net and play live all over the world
and the mic you can even talk to the person you playing ...we do the trash
talk stuff just like real game players do....

XBOX360 now have it like the Wii the piece cost 129.00 hook it to the
system and you can play games like the Wii and just add a hard drive it's on

I've bought nearly every system that has come out
some games are rated and kids have to be over 17
some is PG and some are rated E and some rated Teen
you have to look on the back of the box or game for the ratings

Tony Hawk, Grand Theft Auto,The GodFather and a few others not for kids
but youngsters over 17 and up motal combat is deep too lots of killing
blood and Scarface was deep too Drugs and Guns gangsters whewwww

I love da sports games FOOTBALL /BASKETBALL and BOXING sometime BASEBALL
only game i've played was TombRadier she was hot

Dre Money

Well-Known Member
Oct 22, 2011
Pensacola, Florida
Yes I play em. I modify them as well so that I don't have to buy games. I also modify them so that I can use cheat codes etc to beat the game easily. My mom bought me a Nintendo and a Sega Genesis when I was a kid. She used that to keep me busy. That was all I needed to stay out of trouble lol. I mean I couldn't really stay out of trouble but it kept me out of most trouble :p

Nowadays I don't play them as often. School, work, relationships and my other hobbies have kept me too busy to play videogames but after just getting laid off, I'm getting back into the groove again. I just beat Deus Ex: Human Revolutions and Assassin's Creed II this week. Not sure what else I'll play. It's something to do to pass the time, even though it's a waste of time.

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