Black Spirituality Religion : Do you have to be Religious to be Moral or ethical?


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Jun 18, 2004
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Is Conscience (empathy) biological based as in we are born with it regardless of upbringing.
the kamitic way is that we each have god inside of us.

what you call conscience is god speaking to us from inside.

so we all have it unless we have been raised to block it out.


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Jun 14, 2018

There is difference between morality and acceptability as well as between ethical and justifiable. In times of extreme duress much behavior becomes excusable temporarily. it does not mean that that behavior was ever seen as moral. The normalization of aberrant behavior by any society does not mean that that society no longer knows that such actions are amoral, it is now acceptable and as such is now considered ethical and or legal.

Our society is based on violence and some agencies are given the legal right to use deadly force. In our society violence on that scale is ethical and justifiable for one to exercise in defense of the weak and defenseless....but these acts of violence is still immoral.
The brothers actions you relate is acceptable and ethical but still illegal and immoral.
The footing for what is moral and what is immoral has been forever on constantly shifting sands and will likely remain so. What I maintain as an absolute moral action you may find abhorrent or ludicrous and vice versa.
Is it moral to eat cow if your hungry? Ask a Hindu.
Is it moral to go about without ones head covered? Ask a Sikh.
I could go on but you get the idea, what is seen as moral behavior depends on who is doing the looking. Just ask, if you could, a Mayan.
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