Black People Politics : Do Y'all Really Believe Hillary Would Have Been Better for Black America than Trump...


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Feb 9, 2001
@Perfection and @Angela22 I love, love, love reading and understanding your perspectives. Trust, I'm not offended by you as I am always open to new ideas because I know that mine often get skewed by my personal experiences.

Sis. Angela, I'm not quite in agreement that women "need" men to protect them because they are physically stronger, but I understand where you're coming from. This is not a put down toward men, mind you, and I hope I'm not offending anyone when I say that, but I think strength and cunning can and often do compliment (not compete with) each other. I guess I'm more rebel in my thinking when it comes to socially constructed words used to define and divide people.

This may just be my own perspective because I come from a line of Black women who have done some amazing things and they held me close to their bosoms. So I may be biased. But I don't deny the fact that men are important and they play a key role in our existence too and I value and appreciate what those who love Black women and Black babies have done in the struggle to help get us this far and the roles they will play to bring us into the future.

In a man's world, Black men are critical to our community's future--agree. I prefer, however, Black-minded men as they are the ones who I believe truly have Black people's interest at heart. This is not to put down Black men who love women of other races, it's just that I don't understand how that situation contributes to the Black community overall.

In the company of Black men who love Black women, I feel exalted as a Black woman. In the company of my community loving sisterhood, I feel embraced.

Bro. Perfection, please tell us more about the Queen of Heaven. I would love to learn about her.



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Apr 7, 2013
Let's talk issues rather than Dem or Repub. For instance, How do you feel about a free for all border and firing the border patrol because it is said we should be a more giving nation to all who want to rush here.

How do you feel about a new Socialist Nation where our government is going to pay for all immigrant health and welfare, education. Do we have enough money for transgender surgeries. Check out the 9th district court's judgement.

How about your right to own a gun? Second Amendment. Do we really need one? We are so safe in our beds all the time, right? Like France whose citizens gave up their guns, we would then be subject to an invasion from an enemy as was done.

How about the First Amendment your right to free speech. I have heard the words "forced" to "mandatory". If one or the other of the political parties does not agree, should we keep our freedom of speech as a Democracy?

If you were in dire poverty what nation would you rather live in considering wealth as important to a nation to have.

How important is beef to you? How important is oil? Do you drive, heat your house with oil? How important is "fracking"?


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Feb 9, 2001
the idea that they are all the same is a prime republican/russian mind tool.

no they are not the same.

trump is a russian asset set to destroy democracy and instill white rule.

clinton is no angel but she is no trump either.

think people.
Yeah, I think they are the same, they just deliver their medicine differently, but regardless, we are never fully healed, still struggling and wounded. Would many Black Americans have felt comfortable under a Hillary administration? I believe so because it's what we've always been used to.

Autocracy vs. democracy...we get it. No, agreed, Clinton was not and never would have been a Russian-asset like #45, (thus explaining Russian interference in our elections) but I think she would not have been a panacea either and that's what we really need.

Under a Hillary administration, I don't think we would have ever had real conversations about race like we are now. She's too conservative for that. I don't think that the racist slugs would have had the nerve to slither above ground either with her as POTUS. I don't believe that what we are seeing happen now with American politics would have ever been revealed to the average citizen--we would have remained anesthetized and asleep.

I and others here get what Trump is doing. He's a monster size neon sign that you can see from the stratosphere--hard to miss. But I'm more so disappointed in the Pelosi democrats (smh) for seemingly allowing him to feed and fuel his narcissism at the expense of the American public.

Frankly, I'm tired of the choose your poison position.

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