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Feb 26, 2013
I'm wondering whether a different approach to politics or the political system in America would work using money as a bargaining tool. Maybe our future needs to be snatched instead of negotiated. Collective African American net income (spending power) now exceeds $1 trillion dollars annually. Since we are going to spend our money anyway, why not spend some of it improving circumstances for Black people?

I know there are some people who want to get money out of politics, but if that seems to be successful for some people to get what they want, then, instead of fighting to stop it, we should jump on the bandwagon and form a political action group that builds a deep and broad financial base that pushes a Black agenda. It can organize boycotts at companies that work against us and you know what that would do for places like Walmart and Target. Why can't we become like the NRA? Instead of just marching and protesting, we could shut businesses down, maybe even the government and Wallstreet.

This may be over simplifying things and seem to be an impossible solution, but if other groups can do it why can't we?
I like your thinking, Sister.

We need Brothers willing to play the part tho. This is a man's world, and honestly, I feel some of the protests and marches of ours get ignored these days because many of them are led by our women. They see no real threat there. They may not like black women, but they're most terrified of black men and what potential they have. They jail black men at rates 25 times higher than black women, I think.

So, they'd pay more attention, naturally if Brothers truly started organizing with one heart and mind to get this done.

It'd be hard tho, because we been at this for so long now.


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Feb 9, 2001
Bro. James, true, that is our reality. So us being reminded of that, are you in favor of Black women taking the lead because we are not treated or thought of the same way as Black men?

Sis. Angela, yes, we still live in a world run by men. I also agree, that women are not taken as seriously in public as men and that has everything to do with their fragile egos. Because women have played significant roles throughout documented history, including in America--whether behind the scenes or in front--I think men view women as the real threat because they recognize that we have power, not only in terms of intellect and guts, but the power we have between our legs that many men are weak to. Yep, I said it and y'all know it's true. lol

But different societies have set out to brainwash women into believing they are not as smart or capable as men; that we are weak and "need" men to protect us and take care of us. Religions tend to support that propaganda and so, while men grabbed seats of power, most women willingly sat back and allowed it to happen.

But I say now, women--Black women specifically--need to shake off the cob webs that have held their minds in captivity for so long and step up to plate and use their natural talents to shift the balance of power simply by changing their spending habits. You don't have to march in the streets. You don't have to be wealthy or have a big name. You don't have to believe what others tell you that there is nothing you can do to make a difference in your life or the lives of Black people overall and that voting is your only option.

All you need to remember is that you live in a country that worships, depends on and bows down to a man-made economic system that divides people into categories, rewards people who have a lot of its product--money--and punishes those who don't; that ensnares people's minds at a very early age to chase after it to the extent that some will lie, cheat, steal and kill to have it. This is a global issue that will not change in our life times so what can we, who want a better life for Black people do to take advantage of this situation?

We all contribute to a nation's economy. Being a consumer is vital to the power that a country has. Black people, collectively, spend more money annually than some country's total GNP. A fraction of a change in our spending habits would be significant. We've had this conversation before. The government knows it and corporations who sell to us definitely know it. The question is, do we have the collective foresight and discipline to stop making everyone else rich and ourselves poor...then crying racism.

Black people's rate of paycheck to spend is atrocious. We get paid and the money passes through our hands at a faster rate than anyone on the planet and everybody KNOWS it. And we think it's cool to be weaved up and leaning in a new vehicle until the bill collector comes knocking or the repo man pulls up. Stop whining about something you have control over. DO NOT feel flattered that corporations are "catering" to your consumer interests and offering you deals that put you in the poor house and them accumulating more wealth. That ain't cute.

Black people...Black women....look at your economic power. It boils down to simple math. And guess what? This happens outside of a voting booth. Next time you pull up to Walmart or your local beauty supply store...think about this.


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