Law Forum : Do We Need Black People Working in the Legal System?

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Peace and Blessings Family,

I am well aware of the way this judicial system has mistreated our people, and still does, but don't we need people working within the system?

I'd think, from the bottom to the top, we want some Black People in there. Certainly, they won't all be sympathetic to our plight, but the chances are great, that they might!

I know i'd feel better if i saw a Black Man or Woman some where around.

If we're gonna hate on those working within this system, such as the police, how do we stop at them? I'd imagine they are close to the bottom of the rung, with correctional officers, and then lawyers and judges at the top. There are lots of occupations in between, maintaining the same system, that has mistreated our people.

Should we discourage our children from wanting to work in any occupation found within the legal system?

Don't we want Black Lawyers and Judges and stuff ... or are we mad at all the Black People that work in the system?




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Feb 28, 2009
There are good and bad people in every profession.

But, yes, I believe capable, caring Blacks are needed in the legal system.

I believe in Blacks being informed about what their rights are. We have been cheated and lied to and rail-roaded over so many things and still are.

I agree with Charles Hamilton Houston, "As long as ignorance prevails, Blacks will remain tools of the exploiting class."

Blacks need to research their State laws and City Ordinances.

And another thing Blacks should study is the Constitution. Most Blacks have never read it. So, they don't know what is or isn't UN-constitutional.

'Ignorance is NOT bliss.' What you DON'T know CAN hurt you.

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Yes Sister CherryBlossom ... you made me think of the fact that just having a Black Person in a position of authority or knowledge, anywhere in this legal system, can be of great benefit to us. They may not be bending the rules for us, they could simply be letting us know if we're being mistreated. If we are not getting a fair deal regarding the application of the rules, regulations, etc. It could be a janitor of the court house, that's been around there long enough to know more about the law, than us.

I know a Sister or Brother would do that, let us know, if they saw us being mistreated.

At least most would do that ... not only for us ... but for anyone.

Yeah ... we need to know ... or at least know someone that does know.

I'm hoping this forum will help us!

Thanks for Sharing!




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May 7, 2011
We, Nubian peoples of these United States, need to study law.

We need to come to understand the nature and origin of law.
We need to come to understand how the court system operates and functions.
We need to understand the power of becoming a fully informed jury member.
We need to learn the language of the law.

The system can be reformed from within and without.

If one changes how they conduct the administration of their personal affairs, things will change most drastically.

It helps to know who one is and where they rank in the hierarchy of society and in law.


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Apr 21, 2007
We need them in the system.

But even if we do have blacks in the system someone will always disagree with them being their, whether they are black or not.

You will have corrupt and those who are there to work towards the good and justice...

If my child wants to work for the system (or any child for that matter) I will support them, as long as they are going in it for the right reasons.

Now I have heard a child and adult say they wanted to be a Police Officer because they wanted the "power"....And obviously that is not the right reason to be in that position.

When I was younger lol the black male cops that arrested me were seedy character's...But that's a story in itself...And I'm not saying that because they arrested me but ANYWAYS...I know that not all black cops or anyone black who works for the is that way.

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