Black Poetry : Do rhymes with true lines and my crew assigned to microphones We blind domes with the right words an

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May 11, 2006
Do rhymes with true lines and my crew assigned to microphones
We blind domes with the right words and fight nerds keep the chromes
Shined on our whips never asinine with scripts have flavor and a wild
Thirst be with girls in labor during childbirth, good behavior and smile
First before rapping to a chick stuff be happening quick that’s just my style
Burden and trouble rejection hurting double make no mistake that junk can
Twist your fate but when I see a girl wanna kiss cake hold her hand
Wanna elaborate in detail how my vocab great for a female because
It’s not long //
Or drawn out but is a strong known route to the bedroom not wrong
To be horny, look this one boy saw a girl wanna get into her raw world
Without a flaw hurl love talk inside her rear her pride appear strong pearl
On her necklace, her min-skirt alive plenty work and strive to bring
About a flirt no doubt a twerk would be proper also, he has jive bling
On, but she’s a winner and fine want dinner and win her body wet
And intertwine with beauty a divine booty he want some but no party
Is set jus yet //
Wanna mark her sheets hear her heartbeat but right now smart to
Keep his emotion in check love potions could wreck his very true
Goal, she’s born with hips he adorn her lips he has torn love scripts
Searching for soft words it cost to serve the right combination trips
to dream land could require an extreme plan, he style bling corrupt and try not to foul things up that would require a scrub but for him he desires love he try keep tires and hub on his ride, guess the best defense against sex is not be there when your hormones blows up leave a do-nut whole size in your pants so you have to be wise with romance, chilling
Don’t seem to be working when a queen is twerking extreme thought circling my brain
in the crazy drama for romance even a baby mama get a chance to express herself if her breasts are deft, but on a grand scale a boy’s plan will fail if he’s aggressive it’s best be impressive, tonight is well because of the sight and smell of her perfume, love keeps events sweet and frequent he really want some he stripped her with his eyes and now he’s thinking, for pies he’s praying time to write a wise saying in a love letter and live forever and give her a clever love making


I bet her wet body is very hot and carry a lot of love her boyfriend knows this so he goes for a kiss, he itch for cake which states he’s horny, he turn on a tune first before going to her universe to discover a planet and become her lover romantic he smells rubber and panic wow no condom, he’s sweaty from rapping but some stuff already happen she jest sit on the bed thighs open and pies smoking, she live and learn be at the crib concern but at any rate plenty cake not many fakes can brain wash her like that now he whispers in her ear, he had the spirits of the brave but it was periods he craved for her thing and begged for some, at the crib things firm a girl live and learn, like punch and wine it’s lunchtime, this could be an illusion a kiss can bring confusion a diamond ring can be an intrusion to a crazy marriage and a baby carriage, he says baby girl I love you and jest kiss her lips right there on the side of the bed, he search for a party and touch her body now he get to plan with hands, far as the sex he mastered all behind plastered walls who else can she call? All the love talk she get to hear she’s not wet behind the ear her boyfriend kind it appear hard to find an atmosphere like this and deliver this type of kiss she has a river with hype fish and he’s waiting and shook and now baiting his hook she’s sweaty and ready to become a naked mermaid swimming in bed linen while he’s using red Mennen cologne when women home alone they get hot and her boyfriend knows this
I bet her wet pride talk like sidewalks when he go down town jest running her fingers through his hair while yelling oh baby boy stop that, he jest reach up turn the lamp off her panties so damp and soft oh he jest goes crazy on it


Look I see girls in free worlds that be hurled love talk brains dim and pure but
Immature and that represent love sent from above went got a hug that’s straight up
Got a behavior code in the major mode for sex, kissing is a planned sport made to transport love and stuff boo, so my Toyota s sways on motorways but the traffic is too fast for my graphic past end up with flat tires and phat desires for a drop top designed to chill at stop signs, girl your lips glow red let’s go to bed wanna jump on your moped and test ride like that KEITH SWEAT AND JOE song, my bling is styly while the CD sing wildly, girl your hips boss and brown lips gloss brown we can drive across town you hot and cute should let me knock the boots, your body hot like loose steam drops of juice gleamed from sheets, rattled tonight my mind is a satellite rumbling in space
Hoping to be coming up on lace girl gone stop grumbling give me a taste
Rapping alert like CAPTAIN CURT you a queen nice butt hottie so BEAM
ME UP SCOTTIE, wanna be fly and see eye to eye, want to get in bed
And start to pound while the mattress makes a sharp sound and like TED
LANGE this could be a love boat we can hug and float on, boo the tick
Of a clock can get a chick hot, I want cake and butter we can’t mistake each other
The bedroom a fine place to live if there’s divine lace to give, I just happen to be your lover, wanna hold your hand have fun kiss your lips and nothing can be done, boo I’m witty like a committee from the city we both should decide on a cake date, got stuff on my mind that strong wine won’t cure

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