Black Poetry : DO GOOD


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May 11, 2006
Plenty alert in school
a mini-skirt is a girl's tool
strut butt is the world's rule
write letters itching for pencils
tonight using kitchen utensils
a boy wish for my raw cherries
while eating them strawberries
psycho brave like Norman Bates
got a microwave and common fate
this boy looked at my breasts
kinda shook never the less
escaped from a boy
wanted to take cake and enjoy
drink coco cola for wisdom
in this solar system
LOOK BOO feel rage
and like a steel cage
locked up
had some hot luck
girl you got pie vapor
tall like a skyscraper
your fine hips unbutton my brain
and left a sudden pain
in my head your lips been red
so let me flip your bed spread
“NAW PLAYER I'm Black Soul Sister
lips done up in red, can cold blister
a boy's eyes it's only pies for them skies
you came to jive and get cake
but your car arrived late
didn't put your foot on the gas
hidden my panties and took a class
so sincere in rhyme
very near in time
for the school bell to ring
boys walk around wear swell bling
have fun extreme
when upon the scene
oh she was very shook
when a boy wanna carry her books
to class, “look my kisses like
a knife has a keen edge a hype
queen with a pledge awight
shook no doubt have to be
on the lookout a boy will come see
me, “OK BOO gasoline for haters
and Vaseline for creators
you a rookie can do damage
to my oreo cookie sandwich
and use my breasts as a glass of milk


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May 11, 2006
Strangers bless with pride
must respect the dangers of pesticide
get hit by hot shot while in a drop top
prop job planes don't spray my way stop
that, so MIKE DWIGHT tonight we got some
chicks to rap to perhaps you can take one home
so who's your friend MIKE DWIGHT he roam alone
in search for a girl just to touch her world and end
up in bed so MIKE DWIGHT” what up RHYME? again
go ahead rap and win gat a map and spin
a globe locate a girl while I make headway to begin
an affair with one dawg, she must have on thin
“SO BOO you a true brown”
her world she prefer pearl over diamonds yall
she's a brown Soul Sista in a mini-skirt can ball
all night, “BOO YOUR body is a butter attraction
let me kiss your lips for further action
wow you a kit kat and I wanna hit that

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