Pets / Animals : Do Cats Get Bathed, Like Dogs?


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Feb 9, 2001

Bro. James, this cracked me up with laughter. Once I had a cat with claws and wanted to bathe her because that's what I thought you were supposed to do, not because she needed it. So, like an idiot, I took her into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. It was a tiny room in an apartment. So, not being enough room to put a basin in, I had the brilliant idea to bathe her in the tub with the shower running and close the plastic shower curtain. I turned the water on, (another idiotic thing to do) and that cat leaped up 4 ft off the tub, started climbing the walls and whirling around on the inside of the tub, which caused me to jump back out of shock and fear as she proceeded to shred the curtain with her claws with each pass. I was finally able to open the door when she struck out like a lightening bolt. I was soaking wet, the walls were wet, the poor shower curtain...well, it was hanging in shreds by the loops on the rod, I didn't see the cat for 2 days after that. Finally she got hungry and decided to creep out from under the bed, looking at me with suspicion in her eyes.


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May 27, 2016
I bath my dog, but my cat? No. I have tried in the past and just got scratched to bits, so never bothered again. Kittens are a little easier to bath.

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May 7, 2009
Peace and Blessings Family,

I've never owned a cat, but am wondering, do they get bathed like dogs?

I've never seen or heard tell of anyone bathing their cat.

Does that happen? Do cats let their owners bathe them in water?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, Sister Destee, cats can be bathed. Some experts don't recommend that cats get baths unless it's absolutely necessary though.
Some experts say that cats are generally clean, because they have a cleaning regiment naturally, but do require bathing some times.

My son rescued two kittens and left them on me after he went off to college and therefore, I had to learn quickly, about cats. So yes, I've bathed them but don't do it much. One cat likes to claw.

I've learned how to handle them from the vets. So if you grab the cat by the scruff, then, it becomes very easy to bathe them.


Aug 6, 2017
Never really bathed my cat. As far as I am concerned thay are self cleaning. Lol.

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