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Jul 24, 2010
OK, this is a personal thread really, but if anyone has time to post a reply I'd be really greatful...
I think I remember someone on Destee posting results they got off this test - not sure how many other people here might have had this done...
Anyways I sent off for my results a couple of weeks ago and have another couple at least before I get any results...
Now this is a question for those of you with some expertise in this genetics stuff - exactly what does the test result prove? I'd originally thought it would basically give me an idea of the proportions in my ethnic background as in how many % black, native American etc that I am. Now I've become a little confused by the fact that apparently siblings can end up with different results - does this mean the test is really determining your own individual mix - I've heard tell of white sperm and black sperm coming from a mixed father, but have no idea if that's scientifically possible. I've also heard about someone getting a test result back with a much higher % of black than they would have expected - this was another blonde, blue eyes quadroon like me who got back a result of 56% black - is that at all possible - am I being too simplistic in thinking that for a quadroon you'd expect 25% maximum? Obviously I'm hoping that if that's true my % would be up near that mark. I've also been told that I shouldn't assume my looks will mean a low % as the genes tested for aren't the same ones that determine your looks - again have no idea if that's true or not...
I'd be quite keen to know exactly what the test results actually prove before I get to open my envelope.


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Jul 24, 2010
Thanks for that reply cherryblossom....

Reading that article it seems like the test ought to be able to sort out my African DNA from my European easily enough - seems I'm after discovering something the test is best at....

"Admixture testing works best in groups like African-Americans, whose ancestors in Africa and Europe lived far from each other."

But it suggests I could get some weird figures for the Native American - in a way I thought that already as when I looked up the average results of the test for different nationalities I saw IA pecentages that were quite high in places...

Interestingly the average result for Italians as a whole is...
86.8% EU / 2.3% SSA / 2.7% EA / and 7.3% IA...

So I think the article must be right in saying the IA genes were probably spread around before people crossed over to America, either that or somehow Italians all have 1/16th Native American in them, which does seem unlikely - strange though that the figure is so much higher for Italians than other Europeans (with the exception of the Spanish).
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