Chief Elder Osiris : Divine Spirituality Has No Relationship To Religious Spirituality

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Divine Spirituality Has No Relationship To Religious Spirituality

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, what I share with you it require, no, change that, it Demand a Mind that Think, using profound Reasoning to understand the information that is Divine, meaning that the Reasoning, Rationale, and Logic, with the ability to deduce things to its lowest term in order to reach a conclusion about that you search for and it be the Divine Truth.

Such is what qualify you to be able to express and display a Divine Spirit and such a Spiritual revealing has nothing to do with a religious belief, because on such a low level of our Mind activity, we are not qualified to be Divinely Spiritual, religiously spiritual? maybe, but not Divinely Spiritual, an attitude and behavior that verify the quality of the Mind which operate in Harmony, Order, And Balance, during the reasoning process of a Divine Mind, it being a must that such a Mind is in use that is guiding your body Life.

It is the Mind that determine the Spirit action and not the spirit, because the spirit is only an expression of the Mind and that is why it is important to have a Divine Mind guiding your body life living.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

You see, it is not the spirit that commit suicide, the Mind does against the body life, the spirit is only a reflection of the Mind activity and as the Mind goes, so goes the Spirit, and the body is what carry out the action of the spirit which is taking dictate from the Mind.

So no, the spirit is not some kind of separate ethereal entity operating as a revolving door, in and outside of the body, as it is claimed to be performed by religious believers, all because nothing Divinely Truthful is ever taught coming from the Doctrine of Religion about the Economy of the Body and what guide its performance.

The Religious belief, concerning the spirit, is that the spirit can be Evil and can be Good, the spirit can be no more than what your Mind instruct and reveal it to be, so it is the Mind that determine the quality of your spirit, beloved, your spirit is not an independent entity that is detached away from your Body Mind activity, it is the result that come from your Mind instruction to the spirit that it make manifest in the body, and it put the Body in motion to do as the mind is directing it to do, through the spirit to body expression.

So, it is not the Spirit will, that you act out, it is the will that come from your Mind, a Mind if not Divine, can be controlled to do whatsoever a profane Mind will it do, because a no Thinking World is influenced by a profane mind and out of profanity come Evil believing action, carried out by the body that is under the direction to act out the expression of the spirit, which is being generated by the Mind, be it Divine or Profane.

So, it is a Divine spirit that reveal a Mind that is in Harmony, order, and Balance in the process of Thinking about all events that take place in and around your Body Life, otherwise, it is a religious spirit that believe about everything that is told to believe about those things that happen in and around your life, there is no Harmony, Order, and Balance in a Believing Mind, and that is why the religious spirit is inconsistent with the Law of the Universe.

A religious spirit is always wandering around in a state of Mental confusion, a mind that refuse to Think its way through Life and a Mind that does not Think Divinely, and is a Mind that have no thoughts of its own about the things that confront a religious Mind.

A religious Mind is always in a state of revealing Lies and being deceitful, such a spirit is required when revealing information that is not Divine, and is required to be believed, conditioning the religious spirit to be fascinated with things of a fantasy nature, believing in illusions rather than the Facts that confront our lives, a mental ability that require you to Think and not believe, concerning the Divine Essence, (GOD) Both Universe, and about the Body Life.

All that come from the action of the Divine Essence is meant to be actively Free, believing about no thing and Knowing about Everything, it is a Divine Mind that put you in a Divine Spirit to know the procedure required to enter the various Dimensions of the Mind activity, that which require the power and ability to Divinely Reason and cause you to be in such a Divine spirit that will have you to desire to know all there is for you to know about all that the Divine Essence has revealed for you to know, meaning brought into a dimension that can be interacted with on the Body, Sense, Mind Level of physical Reality.

To enter into the various Dimensions of your Divine Mind, require for you to be experiencing your Divine Spirit, without it, make you not to be qualified to know What God Is, The Meaning and Purpose of both Universe and to Know your Body, the Divine Temple in which reside your Mind, be it Divine or profane, you have been given the freedom to determine which Mind you will allow to guide your Body Life, which in term, will determine the quality of your body Life Living.

Reparation is such a sacred significance to the Black Life Freedom, until without it, the Black World is Doomed to suffer the consequence of its inaction regarding the issue Reparation, it depend on the quality of Spirit that Black people act out toward Reparation, that will determine the survival or the continued path Black people Body Life is now living, or a created path that is so constructed for the Body Life to trave, a path that lead into Infinity beyond the body life living, which only take place on the physical Dimension of your body life action..

Therefore I do not retreat nor do I retract not one jot or tittle of words that I have used to share with you concerning Reparation and the Sacredness thereof, or anything else I have shared with you thus far.

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder

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