Black Poetry : Discovering the hunger


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Dec 4, 2008
Jeffersonville, IN
NO JOb, Dream Job: Commercial Pilot
Night after night
You lie awake
You can’t sleep
So you eat a slice of cake
Tastes so good so sweet
Yet your lips still want something to eat

So you warm a glass of milk
And read a good book cover to cover
You love every color every sound
That the author’s words throw down
And it tastes so good so sweet
Yet your lips still want something to eat

You throw on your favorite artist
And listen to something soft
and try to sleep
The more you listen to the rhymes the more
The hunger grows
And two and three CDs later
You’re starving
And your lips cry for something
So good so sweet

Unable to fill your hunger
You lie with words in your head
And they won’t let you sleep
And you decide
That those words have to come out
So you can get some peace
So there you sit
With pen and paper
Not sure what your supposed to do
But you know your starving
And these words disturb your sleep

So you let the words flow
And the rhymes you can’t control
But the hunger is so intense
Your fingers cramp
And your mind explodes
But you don’t stop
It tastes so good so sweet
Just as quick as it came
It’s gone
The hunger that tortured your soul
Is done

You sit wondering why
Remembering every word
Of them you dream about
The sweet words of
Langston Hughes, Edgar Poe, Emily Dickenson, Nikki Giovanni
Remembering how they made you feel
Remember cry after cry

By only god’s design and
Knowing you can’t deny that
Where borne to write.
And it tastes so good so sweet
And it feels right.

sweet apple*pie

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May 14, 2006
East Coast
I am a student, and all though it is hardwork, it
That was beautiful, love alexandria!

Oh, yes! I like you, feel that I was born to write, a hunger sensation like no other. Nothing can fill me, like written expressed word.

You know....I have often told myself, that if my house was on fire, that I would grab my journals that I have written in for many years, for they are the most sacred things I own. They know everything about me. My heart and soul live there, and so do ideas for poems and flows....

great job, and thanks!


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I know this all so well i keep a massive deep hunger and love feeding da soul
great write


Jul 2, 2003
WOW.. this is something special


Welcome to Destee
I am so glad you chose to share your talent with us.
This flow is a pleasure to read.

:spinstar::spinstar:You have captured the essence of poetry:spinstar::spinstar:

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