Black Positive People : Did You Know: The Richest Woman On Wall Street Is Black?


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Aug 28, 2015

By Dana C. Ayres

With all the hoopla African Americans have been making lately in the news, it’s no surprise that gems in the rough are rarely, if ever, highlighted.

When most Americans think of Wall Street, they think rich, White men. Hardly would the image of a Black woman come to mind. Well, hold on to your hats…not only is there a Black, female financing titan on Wall Street, but she garners a
net worth of over a trillion dollars!

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May 13, 2015
She is impressive as her company control a trillion dollar, but we don't know her actual net worth is. However, this is the kind of news we need to hear. My question is, with all this earning, is some of it going back into the African American community to help uplift the people?

That will be most impressive to me is a wealthy person giving back to community to uplift not take. To me wealth is not impressive if it's at the expense of the people and community.

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