Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Remember, I have shared with you that my primary concern is about black people, therefore, I study White folks and Weak minded so call Black Afrikans and they be the so call Afrikans that do not Think for Self, just follow the lead of people with a history of abusing, oppressing and lying about Black People and we will never question such a people motive for doing the things they do against Black people, and that is what prevent Black People from ever to have Justice as an ally.

I have shared with you that White Folks Lie, and Afrikan Negroes, whether we are in America or is in Afrika, such a mental weakling has learned how to Lie as well and do so at the bidding of their White, Arabs, and Jewish Masters, and the most powerful propaganda tool to be used against Black People, is the America and Western World News Media, a tool used to present to you, Lies as well, you meaning the Non-Thinking Afrikans, be us in America or in Afrika, you who have no Shame for what you do, always following the dictate of People with a history of Lying to you as well as oppress Black People.

What is Plagiarism, other than taking someone Idea or Creative Thought without their knowledge and/or conscent, be it in Writing or Verbal and claim such to be your own Idea or created writing and I say that I have yet to See where Obama has committed Plagiarism of somebody creative Thoughts and the Racist Media know that they are making false claim against Obama and can get away with it, because the People that they serve in the Black World do not Think, so what we do, here we come posting what the Media has so claimed against Obama, claiming he has committed Plagiarism, when all Obama did was use a Verbal Method that someone who is a Friend, had used, in order make Quotes of Famous People of the Past and that beloved is not Plagiarism and that is why nobody brought such a charge against the Governor of Massachusetts when he in fact used such quotes.

Beloved, is it not a fact that those Quotes Obama Used was not the Created Thought of the Governor of Massachusetts, but was just Quotes that somebody had made in the Past ?

Those were familiar Quotes, so it can not be stated in all honesty that obama was in fact making claim that those quotes was his own mental Creation.

yet here are some Non-Thinking so call Afrikans that seem to be falling all over themselves in quoting what the Media has so stated about and against Obama, how Pitiful and Sad of a so call Black Afrikan People we have become, always on ready to follow the dictate of a media institution that is the Master in promoting Propaganda, in order to serve its own Institutional interest, when in fact any so call Afrikan so call American worth his or her salt, should be Supporting Obama, if for no other reason than that he carry the Black Gene, but I know that is to Heavy for Some Negroes Afrikan Americans to carry, you who have gone color Blind, no longer can Look and See your Oppressors, what a foolish Afrikan People We Have Become.

Therefore I invite you to behold the present state of condition Afrika and Afrikan People are in today in this Evil Lying and Deceiving World.

Beloved, instead of being in such a Hurry to act and sound as the Oppressors do about Black people of great interest, deserving our independent interest, we should be Wise as our Ancient First Way Black Ancestors Are, in Seeing the Evil that flow from the News Media in America and in those that are in control of such a Media, they being Masterful in the act of promoting Propaganda to the World and about Black People, they having no need to be respectful nor rational in their action, when Black People are their Target.

Obama has not and did not commit the act of Plagiarism and I can make such a definite statement that contradict the Lying Racist News Media, because I do not allow the News Media to Define My Life nor to dictate my Action in that which I do or toward that which I support, using my own knowledge of what constitute the act of Plagiarism and the Reason for doing so, and in this case, I support Obama for my own Personal Reason, which is different from the established political Reason most are supporting Obama or is against Him, in his run to be President of America United States.

Obama did no more than to use Axioms that had been placed within the Public Domain for any and all of us to use if we so desire and all Obama did was to use a Method of Verbalizing those Quotes the way that the Governor of Massachusetts had done before him, so you do not Plagiarize a Method, it is the Created Idea and Creative Thinking placed in Words or Writings, by the Creative Thinker, used and claimed to be your own creation, that is Plagiarizism, such was not the case with Obama.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder


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Sep 11, 2004
Shared Ideas

At first, I thought he was busted. However, after hearing the reaction of Governor Patrick, his close friend, -along with his explanation, I was sure that he did not.

They were shared ideas that are the fruit of Barack and his friend getting together for critical discussion and analysis.

When I think about it, I find myself doing the same thing. I often get together with my brothers to Build. If I find myself in a situation to communicate something that has come from our conversations - I don't bother to footnote. I'm sure my brothers don't want or need credit for the turn of a phrase when we share the idea underneath it.


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Dec 5, 2007
When I think about it, the bible is a product of plagerism big time!, the media isn't saying anything about that.

Clinton has been using Obama's "time for change" and other quotes from his speeches so indeed Obama is a target of the media and clinton. Black people's first automatic thought (just as a reflex) is to believe the hype first and think later. Just another indicator of how programmed black people's minds really, really are


goddess Kalifa
Nuk Pu Ntrt Hmt

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