Black Spirituality Religion : Did Hiram Abiff "the master builder" Exist???

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Jun 25, 2006
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Masonary is a collection of allegories and stories to help a man become a better man. The true symbology can only be passed from brother to brohter and the true interpretations as thus. Once the europeans got thier hands on the order of the messi albert magnus and madame blaskvasky thier were alot of things added to the order to better suit the caucasiasian. What causcausians around the world want to do is make a place within our culture although they had none. This is represented in the creation of religion. They learned that they could not be accept or trusted amoung the high priest in the mystery schools. So independant doctrines were created across all diciplines in order to fabricate thier place in his story. However Reading the information without the warmth and sincerity of a brother or sister (eastern star) giving u the meaning of the story will only leave one lost and left up to several interpretations. However good luck with your quest!


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Nov 2, 2004
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The (3) death blows to the head represents the Killing of the African*


There were and are still Master Builders but those Sciences are put away as a Secret until the Time is Right. The Killing of the Master Builder of Solomons Temple...Hiram Abiff is symbolism and celibration of the system of white superimacies supposed victory over the African. That Hiram Abiff is "YOU" if you are African! But what really killed the Master Builder is...Blow #1. Ignorance...Blow #2. Jelosy...Blow #3. Terony. Back to reality and to answer the real question. We are still here no matter what has happen...and most of all we are "Real"...and the supposit death blows only put our hard heads to sleep for a while. All of the Masters Knowledge is still in tact and functional although we stop what we were doing for a time due to the fact that we were (culturaly interupted) cought off guard by a Man-Kind Beast People that are as un-natural as they look. King Solomon never existed and with out going into the total "Fabrication" of this "Myth"...there for outside of the story having some truth as far as "Symbalism"...Hiram Abiff never existed eaither. The true Master Builders are the ancient African Ancestors whos off spring is (you) todays African ware ever you are found...Hiram Abiff.........African...Know Thy Self...and remember your 360 Degrees of "Right-Knowledge".

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