Black Poetry : "DEVIN" aka...Motions With My Baby...


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Apr 16, 2003
...down south...
College Student, Bookstore Clerk
Dark night
Should sleep
not right
How you seep
Deep down
Into depths
My mind
My breaths
Its crazy
How I feel
U make me
Feel unreal
Cant do
Nothin right
Cant undo
Actions right
Don’t know
If you’ll
Take this poem
As true
No other way
To express
How you away
Is a stress
I feel small
As I think
I couldn’t call
To say don’t leave
Know my ways
Are difficult
Try to change
But its difficult
To one thing
Cant trust you
But you I need
That I know
Not confusing
You I love
Know I am
Hard at times
To understand
I lie at times
I wanna open
My heart to you
I wanna show
I care for you
But of course
I do **** wrong
On lifes course
All things go wrong
Obstacles come
Scared to trust
I struggle alone
Its hard not just
Tryin to be
What I need to
I cant even be
Right enough for u
You think
I’m spoiled
You think
I’m confused
You think
I’m disloyal
You think
too much attention too
I think
Your stubborn
I think
Your mature
I think
Your not used
To the way
I wasn’t sure
Just hurts
A little bit
You hurt
A little bit
A little call
Here and there
I needed it all
To show u care
Did it ever occur?
Maybe I’m scared
Sometimes I’m sure
I stopped your care
When you didn’t call
For awhile
I think you called
another for awhile
I don’t know
I cant ask
Pride just wont
Let me relax
Its you I want
I feel the need
If you still want
Stand with me
I do admit
I’m not perfect
And I admit
You’re not perfect
And I state
We’re not perfect
But from that day
I first spoke
That one day
When you spoke
And gave emotions
I couldn’t explain
How my motions
Fell into your fate
I’ve loved you
For awhile
You said it too
Don’t know how
But I found
Someone I love
And I learned
Love ends abrupt
So I fear
One day it’ll end
And when its clear
You wont come again
And as usual
I’ll be hurt
Its not unusual
for me to hurt...


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
on da wingz
what one see is wrong
is another happy song
ya heart is pure
ya soul is renouned
ya mind is free
the pain u feel through
da hurt will defined in
a moment of time
keep ya head up sis.


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Oct 4, 2003
I really felt this, you'd have to be made of stone not to. To be teetering on that edge, not knowing for sure, but wanting things to be the same between two. It's an unsettling feeling. Well written scribe sis.

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