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Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

We now have our own Black People Videos Podcasts Site ... ... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY USSSSSSS !!!! :toast: :toast: :toast:

I've been diligently working on this, since Sister River posted this thread ... The Future of the Consciousness Raising Recordings.

I am so grateful to Sister River and Brother OldSoul, for putting in so much work, time, money, to help maintain this very big piece of history, and i shuddered in my Spirit, at the thought of our losing such a great blessing. While I can't promise that we will be here forever, I will promise to do my best to keep our home intact, as I always have.

Sister River's Hard Work :

Sister River has done a great work keeping all of these files available to whoever wanted to hear them, at her own cost. That's a lot. One lone Sister, with great challenges of her own, sacrificed much to do this. I am so honored. Honored to know such a person! Thank You Sister River. I hope this additional means of distribution will ease your heart's concern, regarding the continued access to these wonderful lessons Brother OldSoul has brought us.

Sister River ... I still haven't figured out a way to easily upload the hundreds of audio files you have, but I wanted to go ahead and announce this to the Family. We can all begin to upload things, play around with the features, and see if it can handle the stress and load of us! :)

It's been suggested that we have relevant categories in place, but I'm not sure what they should be, and don't want that to keep me from announcing this great blessing! :D ... any suggestions in this area would be appreciated. In fact, any suggestions at all, for i have never been here before ... and am open to all wisdom, suggestions, hopes, and prayers.

As with all things here, we really have to feel our way on this. I cannot afford for us to be "YouTube", yet I want a place for our own videos and podcasts. I'm thinking that it will take much more than we have to give, to provide this service to any and every one in the world ... but for now ... it is open to all. Again, this may not last long.

All uploads and comments are moderated, and of course, everything must live up to our higher standards, or it will not be published.

I am thinking of having a category that allows cursing, and it would be marked accordingly, but I'm just not sure of that right now. I know we allow videos that have cursing in them, to be posted on, but I don't know if I actually want to support it to this degree ... if it is contrary to our Core Principles ... not best for our children ... a few things to consider, and i'm a bit torn on this one ... we can talk about it Family. You all could certainly sway me on this one, but for now, videos and podcasts that include swearing, nudity, or anything we deem innappropriate, will not be published on

Because all uploads ... videos and podcasts ... must be moderated, publishing will not be immediate. I am not sure what kind of activity we will see, and depending on this, it may take us a bit longer to get to your upload. Please be patient, don't give up on us and remember, it took us 4 years to get this far ... but we got here! :)

REGARDING UPLOADS ... you can include videos from other sites, youtube, etc., or you can upload your file to the server. Your choice. If you upload to our server, it must be your own property ... your own words, images, music, etc. That means you own it all, and have copyright privilege to it. If we have any questions or doubts regarding copyright, your upload will not be published.

I may be biting off more than I can chew, but we're finna try it out ... :D

Sister River ... I will continue trying to come up with an easy way for us to get all of Brother OldSoul's audios loaded, but in the meantime, have fun with this! :)

If you all have any problems, please let me know, as it is a work in progress ... so anticipate some changes as we go along.

Expect to hear more from me, as i learn it ... :D ... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY USSSSS !!! ... :toast: :toast: :toast:

I Love and Thank You All !!! :grouphug:



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