Black People : Needs Your Financial Help to Stay Alive and Grow

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Peace and Blessings Family,

This is spur of the moment, for if i think on it long, i won't do it ... i won't even ask.

That's because our history has shown that few will reach in their pocket and help.

It's a hard thing to ask for help, and be ignored ... but someone must do it ... :weights:

I'm that one ... is that place ... and you are the help we need.

Whether you help or not is inconsequential to my drive to continue, move forward, etc.

I will always do what i can to keep alive, and you will always be welcome.

Costs have increased all of our 16 years ... and it's hard on me ... i need your help.

If you're moved in your heart to reach in your pocket ... Become a Premium Member.

Thank You!




Well-Known Member
Jan 31, 2009
Is it possible to donate without becoming a premium member?

And is Paypal the only way to do that?

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Is it possible to donate without becoming a premium member?

And is Paypal the only way to do that?

Hi Brother Gorilla ... yes ... you can donate without becoming a Premium Member. If you donate from the link on the sidebar, top right (it is Paypal), i won't mark you as Premium (which must be done manually).

If you donate from the Premium Membership Upgrade page, the system will automatically upgrade your account (and i will undo it, if that's what you want).

Currently, Paypal is the only way to donate online, but if you want to mail your donation you can do that. The address is below, and i won't mark you as a Premium Member in this case either, if that is what you want.

P. O. Box 180512
Mobile, AL 36618

I generally apply donations to Premium Member upgrades, treating them as one and the same.

If you don't want this done, just let me know.

Brother Gorilla ... thanks for your consideration.

Love You!




going above and beyond
Feb 19, 2001
:11100:Keep telling you to send out notices to the regulars. You use to do that



Jul 2, 2003
Destee I know it hard to ask. I am glad you did. I am currently unemployed but expect to have something soon.
You know I understand. I know server space is not free. Your time is valuable and If I had to guess.

It is not possible you could be holding down a job. Sneaking here when the boss turns around to keep it right.
You couldn't do this things and work earning an income. You put in a lot of ( LOVE ) time here to maintain this site. You energy ( personal energy and electricity bill ) is used and I will send you my funds as soon as possible.

I would go crazy if the lights went out in Georgia.. I know your located betwixt and between.. much love..:hearts1:

I'll hit ya by just after Valentines Sweetheart. Would a foot massage hold you for now?:thinking:

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