Black People : Desegregation Led to the Econimic Down Fall of Black America


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Sep 17, 2010
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Checkout what this Brother has to say about how "Desegregation Led to the Econimic Down Fall of Black America"

I propose that desegregation and civil rights has left the black man in america worse off than he would have been had he concentrated his tremendous efforts instead in furthering his own community and gaining total economic independence from white established banking and infrastructure. I will show that the economics of pre-desegregation and pre-civil rights movement black community were much healthier than they are today. Also I will show that had that trend continued, the black community would have had a drastically higher GDP.

Also I will show that the civil rights movement directly led to the incarceration of millions of blacks in america and has forever colored the life of the black man. It also led to the continued stygma blacks have suffered from since the days of slavery.

This subject has never been broached by anyone that I know of. In fact most everyone says desegregation and the civil rights movement has been a good thing for both black and white america. However, various researchers have looked at the numbers and statistics and have concluded for individual topics that desegregation and the civil rights move indeed have been bad for the black man.

Therefor, I present all of the data in one concise series for all to see. If you disagree you please present facts and quote your source material.

I approve and monitor all comments, so racist or inflammatory remarks are useless.

I know by presenting this data and this theory that I will probably be a lone voice in the entire planet, but numbers don't lie. Everyone wants to bury their head in the sand and believe that Martin Luther King Jr. and all of those people were great and did good. I do not question their intent, nor do i seek to take away from the spirit of what they attempted, however it never struck me as the right way to go.

What this research is NOT, is a justification for criminal activity, nor seeking a handout. I will show that CONTRARY to popular belief:

86% of Black Americans are employed,
75% live above the poverty line
86% do not seek NOR are eligible for public assistance.

This theory is more than 20 years in the forming. Now several books and a lot of data is forthcoming. I have the data to back up my theory and prove that is on solid foundation.

Once I had completed this series I will present it to leadership with irrefutable evidence behind me. I welcome any comments as long as they are well founded and based on FACT.

I do not take this step lightly. So do not present your commentary lightly.

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006


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Sep 12, 2005
I have no grief with the Bruthas contributions...

...fact is, HIS numbers will probably prove out to be 100% correct and even research worthy. Problem is, can the numbers prove antithetically enriching in relation to racist 'cause and effect.'

That's the battle.

The question is after all, not that WE as a People have gained or, WE ARE EVEN able to make incredible strides in every facet of the 'living experience,'---but consequently, that each any every gain that WE as a People make, are directly subjected to the murderous gun barrels of tyrants.

Yes the numbers will no doubt add up--proving once again that when WE put OUR Minds to something, anything, WE can not only do it, but WE will do it better.

However again, with this enemy, it is not his desire to 'dodge' the potentiality of strides that WE may make, it is his intention to destroy whatever efforts ---that he may ever observe--that WE DO make.

(Tulsa, Ok. 1921)

I never advocate to 'second-guess' whatever anyone else may say, however it sounds to ME as if this Brutha may advocate the separating of the races to achieve the cohesive/comprehensive goals OUR People (know it or not,) so desperately need.

Well, if not, let ME say it---why don't WE separate from what WE ALL know--is not healthy for US?

Someday, this will not be the 64 thousand dollar question.

MY 2cents.


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