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Nov 17, 2006
I'm on my way to be redeployed so wish me GOD speed Destians. Mr. C. HAARP/Alaska has been ramped up in overpower mode for quite some time now and it seems that since the proverbial cat is totally out of the bag of military tricks about the uncanny timing of HAARP activations causing weather related global catastrophic events HAARP is being reprogrammed to create a rather harmless Disneyesque style spectacular light show (To appease the locals and dispel the global scientific community petitioning the UN Security Council and other global Warming antagonist) run by none other then the ex DARPA poster boy Christopher Fallen who's nickname is "French Fry Fallen" who was slightly toasted by co-workers when he was working in a huge SDI "Star Wars" Gunnplexer Horn when an unknown party activated it. Google videos or photos of him and tell me what you see. He's red as a Maine lobster and his neck bones are fused, poor man cant even move his head. A victim of his own tangled web of military deceit. Google the HAARP Aurora Light Show story and make of it what you will. Every first world nuclear capable nation has their own version of a HAARP System in place, it has been long proven that HAARP serves no valuable purpose to advance humanity in any positive sense. It is a totally non nuclear directed energy first strike weapon of mass destruction (WMD)

God Speed and Prayer for your safe return, Lunar Cycle ...

Although I fully trust your accounting of this, nevertheless, because you've asked me to do the following list of things, I'll report back, np (no problem):

Google videos or photos of Christopher Fallen ("French Fry Fallen") and tell me what you see.

Google the HAARP Aurora Light Show story and make of it what you will.

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