Black People : "Democracy OR Hypocrisy"


Mar 22, 2001
As an internal war continues on the basis of race relations and "reverse discrimination", Bush and his administration have deployed additional troops overseas on other allegations that could also prove to be false. Although Iraq has admitted to having these weapons alledged by Colin Powell, he must still prove that the nation of Iraq's intent along with Black America's intent is to bring about "reverse discrimination" and annihilation. The concept of "Lies, Lies, and More Lies" clearly proves that these allegations are absurd. During the reign of the Kush empire, Romans as well as Greeks came to Timbuktu to learn the concept of math among other branches of science. The concept of math wasn't the only thing the Egyptians shared with others. Alexander The Great's empire also shared its gold and riches with those they taught. Word of these sacred treasures traveled as far as to the Persian military. Without hesitation, the throne of the Egyptians was invaded and raided for all of its gold, people, and intellectual property. Large ships were sent to their continent inorder to enslave the Egyptians for added value to the new capitalistic European economy. Gold had been converted into the currency of money which is still in circulation today with the faces of new kings known as dead presidents. The concept of math is one of the greatest contributions from the Kush Empire used by the world today. The basis for the inventions of computers evolved from math formulas. As an african-american who resides in the U.S, my culture is heavily viewed as being uncivilized on the basis of false allegations of "reverse discrimination" through affirmative action. However, affirmative action is clearly needed after our struggle. To prove that minorities are civilized, we were basically robbed blind of our natural talents and abilities not to mention our identity. This is the significant meaning of "united they stand divided we fall". For instance, during a job interview with Federal Reserve, a man from my own racial heritage reviewed my resume and asked me," How is it that you entered college tutoring math as a freshman? Why did you choose to attend a Historically Black College and University when you could have attended any prestigious white institution?" To make matters worse, I later discovered that he attended a rival high school known as Vigor located in my hometown. Needless to say, I guess that he was too blind to see that it was through affirmative action that I was even given the opportunity to interview with his company. In addition, the affirmative action program that presented me with the opportunity to interview with his company was founded by a man who attended a prestigious white university known as Princeton. He resigned from the kingdom of America's new empire as he puts it, " to help right a social injustice". His life stands as a representation of the need for all cultural heritages to unite and come together as one. America should not invade Iraq in bringing about a third world war. We have enough issues to deal with in our aftermath from the past.
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