"Democracy OR Hypocrisy"(4Mr.Ramey)


Mar 22, 2001
As an internal war continues on the basis of race relations and "reverse discrimination", Bush and his administration have deployed additional troops overseas on other allegations that could also prove to be false. Although Iraq has admitted to having these weapons alledged by Colin Powell, he must still prove that the nation of Iraq's intent along with Black America's intent is to bring about "reverse discrimination" and annihilation. The concept of "Lies, Lies, and More Lies" clearly proves that these allegations are absurd. During the reign of the Kush empire, Romans as well as Greeks came to Timbuktu to learn the concept of math among other branches of science. The concept of math wasn't the only thing the Egyptians shared with others. Alexander The Great's empire also shared its gold and riches with those they taught. Word of these sacred treasures traveled as far as to the Persian military. Without hesitation, the throne of the Egyptians was invaded and raided for all of its gold, people, and intellectual property. Large ships were sent to their continent inorder to enslave the Egyptians for added value to the new capitalistic European economy. Gold had been converted into the currency of money which is still in circulation today with the faces of new kings known as dead presidents. The concept of math is one of the greatest contributions from the Kush Empire used by the world today. The basis for the inventions of computers evolved from math formulas. As an african-american who resides in the U.S, my culture is heavily viewed as being uncivilized on the basis of false allegations of "reverse discrimination" through affirmative action. However, affirmative action is clearly needed after our struggle. To prove that minorities are civilized, we were basically robbed blind of our natural talents and abilities not to mention our identity. This is the significant meaning of "united they stand divided we fall". For instance, during a job interview with Federal Reserve, a man from my own racial heritage reviewed my resume and asked me," How is it that you entered college tutoring math as a freshman? Why did you choose to attend a Historically Black College and University when you could have attended any prestigious white institution?" To make matters worse, I later discovered that he attended a rival high school known as Vigor located in my hometown. Needless to say, I guess that he was too blind to see that it was through affirmative action that I was even given the opportunity to interview with his company. In addition, the affirmative action program that presented me with the opportunity to interview with his company was founded by a man who attended a prestigious white university known as Princeton. He resigned from the kingdom of America's new empire as he puts it, " to help right a social injustice". His life stands as a representation of the need for all cultural heritages to unite and come together as one. America should not invade Iraq in bringing about a third world war. We have enough issues to deal with in our aftermath from the past.


Mar 22, 2001
Lies, Lies, and More Lies (Anti-War Version)

i'm tired of the lies
as it multiplies



64x4=256 and higher

i'm tired of all these lies
in hiding

pretend then grin

everything's in the wind
as we shed tears of crying

one by one
slowly dying so keep lying
to win in sin

five plus five still equals ten
in gin

like NAS infamous quote on
the collapse of Egyptians
torn down to build new empires

united they stand divided we fall
under false political advances of
government seen on CNN

let's not pretend

2+8 still equals 10
like 4x4=16


64x4=256 and higher

i'm tired of all these lies
in hiding

(C) all rights reserved lana1287 productions

Mike Ramey

Well-Known Member
Jul 26, 2002
Let's put a little more fuel into this...

I would advise any young person to read these four books, in no particular order: The Bible (KJV), "No More Lies: by **** Gregory, and "Black Lies, White Lies" by Tony Brown. "Don't Believe the Hype" by Fari Chideya. One deals with history, one deals with the condition of men and women, one deals with economics, one deals with how the media LIES to black folk on a regular basis.

I could spend an afternoon 'reteaching' history, since I do have a teaching back ground in secondary and college-level education institutions. However, let me cliff you on a few items.

1) Hannabal was the greatest general BEFORE Alexander the Great. And, he was a man of color who kicked the HELL out of his opponents with brilliant strategy and tactics, many still used by the military today.

2) The Bush administration is not your enemy. The Bush administration (both 41 and 43) have put Blacks in positions of authority and responsibility. Powell cleared the way for Rice, as Powell, if you remember correctly, was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff...the first BLACK MAN to hold that post. I won't spend too much time on one of my Heroes, Clarence Thomas, because it would take up too much space. Just suffice it to say that this brother has paid his dues, and--if you compare Thurgood Marshall's early writings while on the court to Thomas' writings, you will see a LOT of similiarities.

3) Affirmative action died about five years ago under the Clinton administration with the death of Ron Brown. WE in the community are just getting the news. It doesn't make any difference where you go to college (HBCU, State, Private). It is the man or woman who has the degree and what they do with it that makes a difference...period. And, just as other schools have mismanaged money, so have HBCUs...and the truth is finally coming out!

4) America does provide opportunity, period. What you do with that opportunity is up to you. Destee is living proof of what a person CAN do when they are told they CAN'T do something. Her site is an INSPIRIATION to a lot of folk.

5) No one wants, or likes war. However, since the end of the Korean War, there has been one war a month somewhere in the world. The reason why there are protests now is twofold. First, France, Germany, and Russia get most of their oil from Iraq. :eek: Who are spearheading the protests? France, Germany and Russia. Why can't America get off of mideast oil? Because the same protesters WON'T let businessmen and businesswomen drill in the states because of 'environmental' concerns...while these same 'environmentalists' ride in Lear Jets, and Stretch Limos to charity events that the average person could not afford to enter:maddd: !

6) PoeticDelight, America may not be all that she could be, especially to black folks. But, as one who is over the age of 30, and has done battle in this country as a Black MAN, let's go to school on something...you COULD NOT go to another country, with what you have, and be as successful. The economic structures are not as stable, nor are the people as open, nor are outsiders welcome. And, I do know players on the international scene who keep me 'hipped' to the goings on overseas.

7) Last point about the 'WAR', the only reason protesters pop out now is that MOST of the soldiers who are going to be doing the fighting are WHITE...not Black. During the Vietnam war, protests did NOT start until young white kids could not 'dodge the war' (like Bill Clinton). As long as the brothers were dying in the rice fields of Vietnam, it was OK. (And, unlike Bill Clinton I HAVE A DRAFT CARD AND WAS SCHEDULED TO GO...BUT THE DRAFT WAS ENDED BY THE TIME MY NUMBER CAME UP IN 1975). But, when the white boys were called up for the draft, oh...it was ON! as far as the protests. The current war has MORE white boys on the front lines...instead of the brothers. Thus, the protests have started early.

PoeticDelight...if you doubt me, just live a little while longer. If you want to make a difference, do so in your own way as the Lord leads. Iraq supplied the backing to blow up the WTC and the Pentagon. There were Black Folk killed in those buildings, and by the grace of God, my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law weren't killed as well. America does NOT go looking for war. The last two world wars, WE were drawn in. Nam and Korea, America listened to its politicians and not those actually doing the fighting.

America is strong because we have a constitution, and the military means to kick butt if we have to. The best opportunities come when you HELP others...that's called 'networking'.

See, part of the problem of some of those coming from HCBUs vs. Those of us who went to state and private schools is that we get a better sense of reality. Like Tony Brown said: "There is nothing special about white people...freedom is not being with white people...freedom is having what white people have!" An HCBU is a wonderful thing, and congratulations for graduating...but it is a cocoon...because it takes a while for a graduate to 'catch up' with the realities of how the economy functions.

And, let me tell ya something from observation...a good looking young sister is more often done in by a female boss...than by a male boss. I've seen it happen...and heard WOMEN in charge giggle about putting the 'younger' sister in her place because of her 'looks'. How's that for feminism?

Appreciate your words. Hope you appreciate mine. No one wants war. But, I've got two sons in the military. One going...and one already there! I feel better to have them under Bush 41 or 43 than Clinton, Carter, or Johnson. At least I know that they will get the tools to Kick Butt when it is called for!

Any one else with kin in the military will feel the same way. I also have a niece who is an MP. I back her play, too!

And, as I have lived, there is one golden principle...if you don't help others without looking for a return, the return comes a lot faster! When man closes a door; God builds a new one!

Mike Ramey


Mar 22, 2001
My Point Exactly

"Last point about the 'WAR', the only reason protesters pop out now is that MOST of the soldiers who are going to be doing the fighting are WHITE...not Black." My exact motivation for writing a poem entitled "Queen Of Hearts" dedicated to black men and women in service.

Please don't think I'm taking positions or sides. I'm learning more everyday. Just as I implicated in my poem, Lies, Lies, and More Lies NAS made me aware of aspects of my racial heritage which JUST SO happen to remind me of an incident involving my background in math and my personal experience after conducting a job interview with a man who is of my racial heritage yet he asked me ignorant questions that are so obvious.

You know the deal and I know the deal but do they really know the deal. I wonder if Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, and Clarence Thomas had interviewed me, Would they have asked me the same questions? They know so much about everyone else's history except for their own history. THAT'S MY POINT :)

Like you said, "It doesn't make any difference where you go to college (HBCU, State, Private). It is the man or woman who has the degree and what they do with it that makes a difference...period."

I'm well aware of our own kind robbing their own people blind> I wouldn't doubt it after the level of ignorance displayed by the black man who interviewed me from Federal Reserve. Ethics and Character unfortunately cannot be measured by the level of one's intellect. I don't know Powell, Rice, or Thomas personally. Therefore, I cannot defend nor defame their character with judgement beyond what I see, read, and hear which is false based on the secondhand information which I'm bombarded with on a daily basis. However, I do know that their is no way to rectify the justice of the past. My motivation for this piece is to encourage Black and White America to deal with the here and now and start building the bridge toward equality as established by Martin Luther King Jr who motivated a white man to found an organization known as INROADS, Inc. (the affirmative action organization that helped me) to develop and place talented minority youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership. Please note this was affirmative action relative to the places where we work. We still need ACTION or somekind of progress in the places where we learn and work. A black man can move into a white neighborhood but he and his family aren't made to feel welcome. KKK recently burned a cross in a black family's yard in Knoxville, TN. This is what I mean when I say lies in hiding. Our schools are still segregated and if schools in our neighborhood are to receive any aid white people need to diversify the student population. This is why whites at HBCU's are able to attend for free. I plan on going to graduate school this fall at an HBCU because I feel welcome there but at white schools(i have taken classes there and a white man turned his behind in my face and grinned i was 21 years old and I'm 23 now). If not affirmative action, then we need something. Mike, I don't care if you're as purple as Barney the dinosaur everyone help one :)



Mike Ramey

Well-Known Member
Jul 26, 2002
Employers are going to be jerks at times...

Yeah, PD: But don't let that person who interviewed you sour you on our people. Because the time will come when YOU will have your turn doing the interviewing.

As I interview people on my job, I firmly remember how I was treated and don't treat them the same way. Now, some may be 'stuck on stupid' but I TRY to point them in the right direction!

Oh, and about Barney...I hate Barney. Let's NUKE Barney. (LOLWM)

If you are intrerested in finance, try the GAO or the IRS. I worked for the IRS at one time. If you can stand the politics, it may be for you. BTW...what's your degree in?

Mike Ramey:toast:

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