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mkhaya lo'

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Dec 1, 2001
Rand Park Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa.
South Africa is reaching its ten year democracy mark and i stop to think where we are as a nation, as a society, as communities, as families, as individuals. for me personally I think the international perception of South Africa is sometimes warped.... be it the perception that the racism is still rife-that there's still white only and black only areas or that its still an us against them-or be it that we have been totally been victorious over racism and we now live in a perfect society were black and white live in perfect harmony without any friction everything is like wonderland... well, niether extremist view is accurate. Ten years down the line, I think South Africa is still trying to come to terms with apartheid, with the effects its had on us the youth even though we were not active participants, we still feel the after effects of it as if we were right there... I mean , l know what its like to be called a "kaffir", and its not that i now think people no longer call me that in their hearts, but the fact that they will never utter it out loud, is an achievement on democracy's part..

But really what i'm most astounded about, is that even though people are complaining about the government's delivery over the past ten year, i can personally say that i've seen a lot of good that the government has done-its job creation policies-despite the high unemployment rates, the job creation programmes are making it possible for people to get skills to get jobs.. simple things like electricity in some rural areas, the social grants for the poor, vulnerable children etc.. i'm not being a government mouthpiece, but i will give credit where credit is due, but i will also be the first to criticise the government corruption that has been exposed of late of high ranking officials-including our very own deputy president. So in an extremely simple, summaried and unacademic way, that's where as a people i think we are... but i will write more on the subject as this short column doesnt do justice to paint a picture of where the cuntry is....


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Jun 4, 2003
thank you for your thoughts and knowledge of where south africa is today. sometimes we in the united states do not get to read about what is happening globally.more specifically in africa.
i just wanted you to know that not only are your words being read they are appreciated.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
thanks for keeping us updated on what's happening their !


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
One will never learn much about the world by listening to, watching, or reading American media. I often get my news from BBC (Britain) or websites like or (news on Africa only). America simply does not care about the outside world, unless a particular situation involves them directly. Many African Americans however do have an interest in South Africa. The recent histories of both our nations mirrors each other so closely with Apartheid & Segregation (Jim Crow). Many African Americans boycotted companies which did business in South Africa, and the "pressure" the US government placed on South Africa to end Apartheid came mostly from African Americans.

Sister Mkhaya lo, I don't think I have had the pleasure of talking to you before. I would like to invite you to the PanAfrican forum on this site, I think you would enjoy it, and your input would be invaluable. Back to the topic: If the years following the end of Apartheid are anything like the years which followed the end of segregation in have a long road ahead of you. Racism & discrimination has a way of changing form instead of disappearing. Real change does not take place until & unless blacks start to form their own companies. As long as blacks continue to depend on whites to provide them with employement...clothe them...feed them...educate them...and provide them with shelter...they will continue to be subjected to racism.

I am happy to hear that there has been positive changes in South Africa, and the people have every reason to celebrate the downfall of Apartheid. However I would advise the Black people of South Africa to never be satisfied with minimal improvements. The struggle for self-determination is never ending.
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