Black Poetry : Decade Extensions Of A New World Order


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
Decade Extensions Of A New World Order
By Jacqueline Amos

A fool has no delight in understanding,
when the wicked shall surface,
which comes in contempt,
and with ignominy reproach.
Better is the poor man that walk with integrity,
than those who perverse in his lips, and is a fool.
There is many devise within mans heart,
nevertheless the counsel of thy God, shall stand.

The just man walks with integrity,
his children are blessed after him.
The blood the wars that stands before,
the Oh Say Can You See.

Darkness that reveals a smell of rotten death.
The new world order has sold its self to satins demands.
Come not with the cloak of forgiveness,
when the trail of blood leads a path of the dead,
that can no longer speak for self.
Cease no longer exist to the sons,
to hear the instructions that caused to err,
from the words of knowledge.

Hate not thy words, respect thy truth,
nations upon nations, lets rebuild the sanctuary,
of Gods great gifts. Sing not the glory of the land,
but the glory of thy God, forget not the creator,
without him they would be no earth.

Close not thy eyes within the deaf ear,
for man is only here temporarily,
and by the wink of the eye, they shall be no earth.
Let not thy darkness confuse the light,
the end is near, open thy eyes to truth,
before it is to late.

Within the battles we shall flow,
ascending protections from thy God.
Suffering shall no longer be,
song as the national anthem song.

Thy God shall be in the front line,
the sea’s shall link with thy God.
The Universe will sing the same song,
As the waters turn to blood,
and the skies to fire,
un just man shall pay within the battles of the skies.

Decade extensions of a new world order of a culture.
The sins of the family tree,
that is implemented through birth.
The psychological lynching continue ,
through the neglect of a people who feels,
if it dose not effect me, than it is not my curse.
The curse that plagues a nation ,
of people through there genes,
No protection from the system who sings,
abuse for the world to see.

Genocide within our own right hands.
Leaders who don’t know how to lead.
Such a sad and embarrassment for mothers.
Who brings the back doors of a master,
who hides behind the system,
and a people who just don’t give a dam.
Walking zombies who refuse,
to protect the children that they bring in the world.

Is it the protectors? are is it the people ,
who allows the system to destroy the babies,
without a fight are feeling of human order,
in a world which is blind to only there needs.

A house divided shall never stand.
It will begin to smell like rotten death.
Eyes that close to the needs of our children.
Prison disused as human kindness,
a death chamber of disgrace.
Continue to write,
allow the people to no ,
that suicide is abomination to God,
when one kills self..

The hearing ear, and the seeing eyes,
the lord have given both of them,
Open thy eyes before satin claims victory on thy flock.
Its not the greater or less,
but the abundance of a divine heart,
let not the history be told,
the world has destroyed self.
Within the history the world smelled of roses,
and the rivers innocence of great love,
this world order has befoul the smell,
of a great world.

Copywriter 2002
Noumi Collections
All rights reserved


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Feb 11, 2003
Always so much wisdom. The soul that
does not continually search and re-search
itself in truth will inexorably be diluded.
bless the open eyes and the hearing ears.
Peace to ya!


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May 30, 2003
~The hidden library...~
There is a lot to absorb here, the depth of this piece is far reaching, so many elements but the reverberation is… that according to the preponderance of evidence the end time is near…and you’ve communicated the message loud and clear. Continue to bring the wisdom, someone has to…PropheticPoet!
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