Black Poetry : Day-Mares pt.2


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Jun 15, 2002
MidAmerica Products
my mood swings like the pendelum in a clock
i tried to hide my feelings under my attraction for a certain lady
but even she isn't making my mood improve lately
im way past empty, my life is like a void
going about daily tasks with all the liveliness of an android
i sense deception in my perception of the world around me
i was never happy except the few months that God had found me
now im back to trying to be strong and shoulder my burdens alone
i feel like a stranger to myself, but to others im well known
i want to improve my attitude and stop the mood swings
but first i have to let go of my love for material things...
like women, weed, and wealth, things i thought i always needed
but even with those things, my heart hurts so bad it feels like its bleeding
i choose the wrong path more than a man can even envision
i've made so many mistakes i feel i need decision supervision
i try to take my time and do the the thing that feels right
but i always choose wrong and mess up spite
im going to desperation with only weed and music as medication
but even medicated im not sedated and just hide my thoughts for a moment of relaxation
its a fabrication of my heart to think ill ever be truly in love
true love seems like a trick, like the magician and the doves
when love turns out how u didn't plan, all you have left are memories
i live for love, but dont trust love...contradiction is my definition of ME
self pity is like my own personal sky, no matter what, it's always over my head
condensing my problems and mistakes..
raining down un-happiness on me, and the only umbrella is change...
to weather this inner storm i need to change a lot
my life, my decisions, my mentality, and most of outlook
i have to learn to see more positive when surrounded by negative
im like an electron, negatively charged..moving around on sheer negative energy
i need a total opposite charge to neutralize that
until i meet my whatever shape it may come....
ill keep having daymares, and continue to be midnyghts son

Derrick H.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001


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Apr 10, 2003
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Life is weird it changes numerous of times and it doesn't ask fa ya permission? ain't that bout a (beep) but like $$RICH$$ said it gets betta it got to cuz can't get no worse right? right. loved yo poem you've been honered my tru poet award. ;)

peace and blessins ---------serenti

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