Daughters and Sons Raised differently


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Jul 9, 2003
new jersey
Dreamfunk thanks for posting the Willie Lynch Edict. THis is process is working very well today, for the most part. What can be done about it? A close and honest look at the way our ancestors lived before we were "broke" my the white man? That's a good start I should think.


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May 18, 2004

Thanks for posting this. The letter is still working. Parents raise their daughters and beat their sons into submission. I have even heard a black man say that punishment is more important than education. I hear black parents talk all day about whipping kids, especially boys, but few will teach the kids. They see beating and teaching as one in the same.....that is pure foolishness IMO.

If as much time was spent teaching boys to be a man the way girls are taught to deal with men, then boys would be as successful as girls...unfortunately, blacks wanna see parenting as a war to be won agianst boys using the magic wands--belt, switch, cord, paddle. Of course, they tell thier boys "I love you" every ten seconds so maybe that is where they get that phrase from about loving sons and raising daughters.

Anyways good post. Maybe one day we can post the whole willie lynch letter and comb thru it to find any and all behaviours popular in our community today and talk about them.

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