Black People : Dark, White

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
White People Are Innately Suggestive Racist And Prejudice Toward Black Afrikan People!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebaka

I know what I am about to share here right now is going to have many of you remaining ignorant to this Divine Truth, which is, **** Religion, it is your present-day Chattel Slavery institution, don't you see how well locked your mind is in that white racist religious institution of all persuasion that lead to the same destination which is you being ignorant to What God Is???

The Cracker white racist spewing unjust prejudice about your Dark Black behind, yes, cracker, anybody who can stand in your face without the presence of guilt and talk about the shade of the Infinite Universe which your pigment is a resemblance of and refer to what your pigment represents is evil in all dark places and has the assurance of the racist self to elevate Light being preference over Darkness, is the devil in plain sight wearing a so call white face that has your religious Black behind worshiping today, continuously.

There is a constant psychological indoctrination of negative suggestion that goes on in the cultural determination of white racist to keep Black Afrikans in and with the mind of white people who is trained to look at your Black behind as always being the product representing evil and living disaster, nothing of a Greater Good Comfort to ever be associated with your no thinking ignoring the use of common sense believing self disrespecting Mind, yes, that is the Mind that white evil oligarch have you developing to maintain control over the way you are educated to associate your Black Afrikan behind with, and you with the counterfeit unnatural mental processing going on with the mind Lucifer now control, make Black Afrikans be no Greater Good to themselves today.

Do you Black Afrikans who do not think anymore, and now have you believing that the way white people reference disagreeable circumstances of happening that serve to the greater discomfort in the way of living to be that which is associated with Darkness?

Don't you know that by white racist associating everything that is culturally unaccepted to them with Darkness and what that mental act implies and the subliminal message it sends to the world and yes to the Black world to be targeted first in rendering mental damaging in such a way that is a common state of the mind to view Black Afrikan people in the way that white racist is conditioning the mind of the world to look at and believe about Black Afrikan people proper?

That white racist is so comfortable in his power of psychological damaging of Black Afrikan people concerning our Dark Black pigment to the conscious habit they have adopted in referring to Darkness as being ingratiating evil in the way of living, anything of no Greater Good to that white racist is a label to be representing Darkness, that is your Black ***, beloved!!!

Yet here your Black Afrikan behind as well adopting the terminology white racist use to identify what is deemed to be unacceptable to their white lying deceiving Luciferian Human Being behind.

That white devilish satanic Luciferian Human being is so comfortable spewing the racist epithet concerning Darkness and is associating Darkness with evil happenings and hardship living, darkness being the representative of catastrophic evil, which is that racist way of keeping reminding white folks that unacceptable things that happen in their life living experience are a label to be the cause of Dark time, you Black Afrikan people.

Listen And Listen attentively beloved, there is no Freedom, Justice, And Independence to be for your Black *** in America, you represent the Darkness you always hear him talking about and referring too, and yet you choose to remain mental blind while choosing to look at things that are only virtual reality, Divine Reality actual come from seeing with the Divine Mind Nature designed you with, Black Afrikan Woman And Man!!!

Whether you see it or not, it is there to be seen, which is, Reparation/Repatriation represent Afrika and Black Afrikans Freedom to be in Afrika and the only way it can be collected is for the Black Afrikans become organized and United for the Greater Good Of the Black Afrikan World and that Good include a United States Of Afrika Government, beloved.

Divine Respect

On Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 06:20:51 PM EDT, goddess IsIs <> wrote:



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