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Feb 3, 2002
Hello, my name is Matthew. This is my first story. I wish to apologize for the lack of Japanese characters, since my original work used it to make a point. Never the less, the internet is a quaint place for me to share my thoughts. I hope you enjoy this, and please send me your thoughts. Thank you, and enjoy.

Eagle Skies
It wasn’t always like this, there was a time when a small field of grass could excite me. Every shimmering piece of narrow Jade flowing in a chaotic random, beautiful pattern, with the air so smooth and crisp, the very magic of being young grasped at me, with a urge to explore what lay beneath every shadow that light permeated. To the world, my childhood was but a second in its tremendous records, a short but gratifying time where anything could happen and the possibilities were absolutely endless. Yes, those were days when war, hatred, and fear could not exist, for my world was too special and so involved that everything outside my secluded palace of wonder, my own domain, simply would not be applied to. However, times change and people lose what security and control they once had. The world had become a dark and grim place. My hallowed halls of knowledge, the Brilliant crystal planes that had once been the safest, most sacred sanctums, where I could rest my eyes or gaze down upon the lives of all I could dream became a distant memory...
They came one night while I rested, to me all I could know was peace, this absolute violation of my domain was too much of a shock for me to understand. My friends and family would hurt unseen eyes, their blades cutting at darkness. A cruel laughter and one by one each sworn protector would fall, their unaccusing eyes wet with pain, their own blood would slowly gather across every drop of my realm, forming sick smelling pools that would scream at my instincts, “Flee...” their bodies would utter, “Flee if not to be wrought with undue hatred...” I ran. I forced myself to remember, if only for a moment, I did not care, all that mattered was for me to have some sort of guiding light, anything that could help me. It was a name, “YOSHITSUNE”, all that mattered now was finding him. I made my way through the town, as obviously as possible so that my invisible, unseen enemies would not dare to attack me. I reached his door just as the night had started to set in. A gentle haze, a powerful flora of colours swept across the sky, the soft blue tint slowly slipped away with the clouds refusing to go with it. They would linger until the night knew peace, with each star taking over as the sun gently faded away. An orange haze of light outlined the borders of safety and danger. At the top of the hill, the wind rustled and blew its way through the trees, coming closer to tell me that this was indeed his house, for I could not go any farther. A chill was setting in and I was exhausted in mind and body from last hours ordeal. Grasping the handle I managed to knock 2 times before I collapsed. Yoshi found me in time and took me inside.
Much later, when I was ready to face the world, I swore one day that I would avenge all that were lost that day. Yoshi and I had agreed to let me be trained, and I swore to obey his every command and never give up, and every time I thought that I couldn’t do it, I heard in my mind that sinister brutal laughter, the kind only someone who took great pleasure in death could utter...

That was all fourteen years ago. I had spent the time getting stronger, fuelled by my hatred for that voice, fuelled by my desire to stop my hell bent dreams of torture. I would see those I loved being wracked with pain because they could not rest. I knew the only way to let them rest was to find him. With Yoshitsune’s help, I managed to find clues that would lead me to him. Who they were did not matter, and why they did it seemed too hard to believe. I knew I had them, and slowly bided my time, waiting for a chance for them to feel secure and vulnerable. Now I stood at a passing, on the edge of blackened Earth. My breath formed ghosts of air, as the sky seemed to pulsate with integrity. All around were trees, swaying to an unknown rhythm and the ground cracked from the dryness. All the world was unnaturally quiet that morning. Slowly, from above came frost and I watched it for a moment, as each crystal shard from heaven descended upon us. The field itself was once beautiful. But in a darkened world there can be only rare beauty, and it only dared to show it’s face. To consider it, why waste such benevolence on unwatchful, uncaring eyes? Also, a lake flowed through along the path and into the middle of this particular field. Chosen by me for this ambush.
The plan was this, I would wait for the enemy to come close to me and then appear, with my black leather, gloves, and cloak I had made for me(the reason mainly being that the events that occurred fourteen years ago had changed my ways, and all I cared of was black, gone like the night. So soon I once had, and so fast was it taken), slowly walking out to block their path at the other side of the field. My guardian, Yoshi, would stand ready at the side in case I needed a hasty get away, or perhaps aid during the fight. I often asked him to forget it, because I did not want to lose the only thing I had left even close to family, but he always remained strong of heart and didn’t care what happened to him, for he cared too much about me and would reply in with the same remark.
Now It was almost time, once they had seen me, I would tell them how I have planned to avenge my families demise, and that he had no where to run.
They were here.
I watched them, and prepared to die, “Even if I fall today”said I, “I would be happy to die, if only it would bring peace back into my life, and one day, this ground shall become beautiful once again.”
My name Ximanyd, was given to me by a mysterious cloaked figure that would glow against the night-sky. “You are destined for great things, if you apply yourself” he once said, “and this name is most suited for you, as it was once labelled to one of my people’s greatest leaders”.
I took one last look around and moved forward towards fate.

“You will go no further” said I. “Who goes there and what is your intent?” one of them replied. “My name is Ximanyd,” with this the one I sought out ran the name through his mind then realized who I was, a look of shock seemed to take him for half a moment, “and my intent is to avenge those that have been cut down by you!” His men now were took over by fear as I spoke. “Your sadistic ways destroyed my life, and took countless innocent lives with it!! I shall have my revenge upon your souls!!! Prepare to die this day fiend! For I am your doom!!!” With this I let loose my Sheathed Katana, and rushed at them screaming with all the force I could muster, unleashing all of my bent up rage against them. The first one fumbled with his bow and I swung, slashing at his arm, sending a fountain of blood into the air, fuelling my blood lust. I hit him again and again, then ripped his flesh apart as my blade sunk deep into his body, with his constant screams of pain, then I kicked him off my blade and roared again. The others watched in horror as the mans fluids splashed down across the Earth, making the ground take on a slightly beautiful tint of red, seasoned by the smells and pain of a soul being ripped from his body. From the distance I heard a roar. And with that it started to rain bringing with it a monster. The monster was supported upon a thousand electric blue legs. It walked swiftly and terribly. It struck down a leg with a driving blow. Everywhere a leg struck a tree fell and burned. Great whiffs of ozone filled the rainy air, and smoke blew away and was broken up by the rain. The monster was half a mile wide, and half a mile high and it felt of the ground like a great blind thing. Sometimes, for a moment, it had no legs at all. And then, in an instant, a thousand whips would fall out of its belly, white-blue whips, to sting the forest.

The men saw this and were overwhelmed and fled, while others rushed onward to meet death head on. I grabbed the closest one by the neck and ripped off his jugular sending hot sticky blood pouring out from him, screaming silently with his eyes. Filled with adrenalin, the others rushed in, and I threw his throat at one to stun him, then I hit him hard with the end of my boot. He was coated in blood, and winded so I walked past him, shrugging him off and pushing him to the ground with my hand. With my sword I spun around slashing and ripping, piercing and tearing, as a huge bolt of lighting struck nearby. The field was making a sizable lake to match the opposite along side of it, two lakes of blue and red.
The last one started to run but I leapt into the air and kicked him in the back sending him sprawling across the ground. Then landing beside him, I unleashed a fury of kicks upon him, pausing to Roar with fury, then kicked him again sending him a few feet away. Suddenly, an arrow pierced my flesh, the blood trickling down from the wound. I pulled it out and broke the arrow in half, glaring at the direction of the one who had shot it. He laughed.
That laughter which plagued me all these years and poisoned my dreams was finally admitting its existence. I stumbled slightly from the blow, and heard him taunt me, say how nice it was to meet with me again, but it did not matter, nothing anyone could have said made any difference. No, I had blocked it all out. I came closer to him and attacked him, this course of action shocked him and bewildered him, but soon he was fighting back, countering my blows and taunting me all the time. I focussed my mind and blocked out everything, the trees, the storm, the rain, his voice...
And fought faster then before with renewed strength, and seeing this, the figure moved back, I could feel his fear of me. The rain splashed down on our blades as sparks flew, creating eerie shadows lit against the lightning. Time slowed down, he had made a fatal mistake, and he had seen it. I took advantage of it and hacked through his hand as it came up too soon, sending it into the air. He Screamed, and cried out in agony. I gave him that one moment to cradle himself, one moment for him to feel remorse for what he had done, and at that moment I almost felt that he could be redeemed. But it was not to be so, with my anger, I kicked him down to the Earth, and watched as the rain made pools around him, putting my blade to his chest, I closed my eyes and went through a quick ritual that I had prepared so long ago. I had bested him, but his soul would not be condemned. No, his body shall pay for his choices in life, but his spirit is redeemed. I told him this, and he seemed to understand if only for a fleeting moment in time. I took a deep breath...then thrust my blade deep into him, with a quick easy motion. A cloud of air rose from his mouth up into the air causing me to look up and forget his body.
The sun had bested the storm, and the sky was filled with light once again. The field already looked better, and what’s more, I felt a tremendous relief upon myself for avenging the fallen. I took in a long slow breath and felt fulfilled.
Then Yoshitsune walked over to me, and led me home. I rested that night fairly peacefully, and was visited by my family, they told me that they were proud, and that from now on, they could rest easy. I smiled for the first time since a long forgotten time...

Later, since those events, I achieved an excellent job and lived a full eventful life, however, every now and then, I would return to that field to consult my problems, looking to the heavens for my answers. I was never again visited by restless spirits and must now end this tale.

- Written by Matthew John Pothiah



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Mar 21, 2001
welcome welcome welcome!!!! Ximanyd

welcome within da story of destee's place stay and
look around da full house as u share such beautiful work
of art upon family & friends enjoy ya stay as i welcome u
within destee:D :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :jumping:

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