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Skinny Jeans

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Mar 12, 2012
Hello I'm one of the owners of a new african american discussion board called Da Back Yard. We've only been up and running for close to 4 weeks...So far we have 82 members with 528 topics 6365 posts with an average of 248 posts per day and about 20 new topics started per day so we're farely active there to be "new". We have everything from health and fitness, finance,poetry, entertainment, sex and relationships and graphics too much more. We strive on being a "mature" board.

As we all know sometimes folks don't know how to act so we have rules set in place so everyone can feel at home without dealing with foolishness. The net is suppose to be a place where you can unwind, have fun and learn things along the way.And we, the staff hold ourselves in the same regard as with our members. The rules apply to us as well.

So if anyone is interested feel free to drop by whenever you have time..we'd love to see you there.

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
:hello: Skinny Jeans ... Welcome Welcome Welcome ... :wave:

Cute Name !!! :)

It sounds like a great start to your community, and i wish you much continued success! :toast:

Thanks for sharing with us, and please make yourself at home, because you are!

Much Love and Peace.



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I'm Black on Destee, I feel at home! It's been a while! Soooo in 2004 I married my Senegalese Husband, when I first went to Senegal, I loved, it! The people were hospitable and my husband's family was very kind! Well I've been there many times now, have taken African Americans, well over 150 and it has been an amazing experience!
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