Black People : Culture Vulture French Montana's Recent Hateful Comments Towards a Black Woman


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Feb 21, 2016
Who cares if you're proud of not using twitter or instagram? Doesn't make you better, smarter, classier, or anything. Just means you don't use them. (But still reading about them? Funny.) So irrelevant.

I wouldn't be able to tell you don't agree with majority, because majority says he wasn't at fault at all. Like you.

Not everyone reads every tag they are in. Plus, it was a comment, like one people make in the streets or at their house. Doesn't mean she was right, but should people personally call up every celebrity and politician they have something bad to say about?

If you can't see why he's wrong as well as why she's wrong, that's your problem. I already explained it. Plain as day.

Who says she was trying to hide her comment? You don't have to alert every individual, especially those who have tons of followers, of everything you say about them. You're making crazy assumptions just to justify this man's actions. Amazing. Can't wait to see what you add next.

Again, you don't understand tagging or twitter, in general. Not tagging someone doesn't mean you're trying to "hide" your comment. You do realize some people get thousands of tags to have to read through a day, and that it'd be even more if every person did it?

What he said was what people say about black women all the time, whether right or wrong, and was meant to keep us in our "place".

He looked for her comment, and picked her of all people, because she was an easy target, a black woman. Because people like you wouldn't dare call him out like you do for her. As if both parties can't be wrong. Nope. Not when a black woman is involved. Only she's wrong, and everyone else is right. Always. Y'all are unbelievable.

Have a nice day. I'm finished.

Yea its very disturbing the types and amount of black folks that have low key and even overtly defended this see IFE is moving all sorts of goalposts to defend this.....very amusing and sad......


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May 30, 2015
I know how and why it started, but why does it continue if everyone is so aware of it?

Everyone is not so aware of it. Some have different ideas on what should be considered self-hatred and what is not. Example, I believe today's hip-hop is a cultural plague for our people that helps keep them immersed in ignorant thought and actions, but I am sure some around here would strongly disagree with me. Now expand those differences in opinions out far enough and you will see that we have an over all problem of coming to a consensus within our community on what should and should not be considered a problem.


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Jan 20, 2015
i think this is more about him than her. what he said offended a lot of people.

I disagree with the words he used. I also disagree with what she said that caused him to lash out at her.

I have nothing to say about him. He could have ignored the comment, but he didn't.

If the purpose of this topic is to bash him, I'm in the wrong place.

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