African American History Culture : Cultural banditry with the mask of upliftment?


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Oct 30, 2005
You know....I appreciate your research. I will question, in this case and many others, the parameters of the term 'banditry' when people who are supposed to keep it OUT of enemy hands are steadily handing it over to them. smh....


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Dec 27, 2005
Blaklioness said:
You know....I appreciate your research. I will question, in this case and many others, the parameters of the term 'banditry' when people who are supposed to keep it OUT of enemy hands are steadily handing it over to them. smh....
It becomes banditry when they are recieving it and using it for something other than its original purpose which was indicated or told to the giver.
From what I was told about this guy by a few people who are familiar with that site and its owner Phillip Neimark, A jew that went to an Afrikan priest to help build his wealth decades ago. he is the original owner and founder of Money Magazine from and serectly used the help of these Ifa Priests from the Epega clan to build his rep as a money consultant. Once he got initiated he began initiating every jew in sight. He also now initiates confused black people.Most of what he says and writes is an abomination - but the good sign is that he seems less affleunt. He used to have a site that was nicer that a corporate hook up, it may be that he is running out money as a result of misusing the traditions.It is typical to me that any outsider or enemy to our people would want their share in what we have built for ourselves.Didn't spiritual path later to be known as Christianity get started with us and later shared with outsiders,centuries later those same outsiders made a new interpretation of what it was and used it to justify the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.Islam is no different,East Africa had a short partnership with the Arabs in which they shared their spiritual system with them,the Arabs had a different interpretation and used that interpretation to justify the Sub-Saharan trade.You must learn from the past,it seems to me and many others that I know that this man Phillip Neimark is just exploiting the Yorubas spirituality.


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Oct 30, 2005
Ok.....I was under the impression that banditry meant a form of this case identity theft----taking a cultural practice or form that originated elsewhere and putting a new face on it without due credit. Del Jones talks quite a bit about it. It's how a lot of music genres, for example, became "white" although they originated within African communities. At any rate, there'd be nothing to misinterpret or misuse of Black people weren't divulging the information from the start....that's all I'm saying...Peace.
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