Black Money Business Jobs : -Therapeutic non-sexual Cuddling


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Aug 19, 2006
Hi blackberryjam ... Is this your own business - do you provide these services?

If not, would you use this yourself?

I visited the site expecting it to be your own business, not sure if it is.

It appears one can sell cuddle services through this web site.

Individuals become professional cuddlers and do outcalls too.

$80.00 an hour is a bit steep, but if the market is willing, no problem.

Outcalls sounds so prostitutionist-like ... but my vocabulary is limited.

At the end of my brief assessment ... I'd probably not use such a service.

If it's about getting hugs, I have children and even my dog sorta hugs back.

I'm very cautious when it comes to allowing any into my personal space.

The promise of a hug, someone on my body, has never diminished that.

It's gonna take a bit more to get all up on top of me.

If folk need this sort of therapy, it is good the business is there.

Would you do this ... offer or buy the service yourself?

Interesting share ... thanks bunches!


Thank you so much for your thoughts and input

Please read the articles and Watch the video below. I am not the owner but a lot of people are touch deprived of non sexual touch especially in the African American Community. If I needed the service yes I would buy it and I am not a cuddlist but I am working with the company in another capacity and I have considered becoming a Cuddlist. It is 360% non-sexual and outcalls meaning the cuddle takes place outside of the cuddlist physical space. (Of course the dictionary has it defined for something else and Cuddlist is not doing that) We have Cuddlists across the country in Canada and the UK. I feel like this is something that will have a worldwide appeal but it won't be for everyone but EVERYONE will have an opinion and will be talking about it.

Professional cuddling business claims sales boost after @RealDonaldTrump elected president @WattersWorld

Cuddlist on Ralph Nader

Clyde C Coger Jr

going above and beyond
Nov 17, 2006
Professional cuddling is very new and it is evolving. Be Cuddled or become a Cuddler. Will this do well in the Black Community?

To answer that question, I would say no. Most Black folk needing the new service may find it too expensive, and simply couldn't afford it ...

Costly Cuddling: Why My Night of Professional Snuggling Wasn't Worth $325

Even cuddling has a dark side

... But in the hotel room, trapped in the grasp of this particular random stranger, it no longer seems so easy, sure that he’s finally asleep, I try to break away, I begin gently easing out of the contorted, twisty position my captor holds me in. My weary muscles reprimand me for the tension I’ve unconsciously strained them with, one of my arms wriggles free from the tangles of the thick hotel comforter; my other, stuck underneath the stranger’s heaving torso, slowly begins its long journey ...


By Erin Menardi | February 6, 2015 | 7:00pm




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Aug 19, 2006
I disagree there are many upper and middle class african amercans and even those who are considered "poor" if they want and need the service they will pay for it. The African American Spending power is in the trillions. A Lot not all African American buy everything we spend lavishly. People go out to dinner and spend between $50 - $200 or spend $300 on a pair of Sneakers. It is about what is valued. If this is something a person or African American person wants 80 bucks for an hour of therapeutic cuddling may be worth it and valuable to them. People will spend their money on what they want to. There are several cuddling companies out here. The article you posted is not for our Company it is another company Cuddle Up Me. Just like Uber people are getting robbed and beatup but still millions use it everyday.. Once again it is not going to be for everyone but everyone will have something to say or be talking about it :SuN014:


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Aug 19, 2006

no.. my father used to cook Spam and Eggs for breakfast..

I saw the Spam.. so I asked.. where are the eggs?
I did not think it was spam at all I see people post about all types of things Can I not share something with my community of black people ..


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Nov 2, 2009
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independent thoughtist thinker, context linker
I did not think it was spam at all I see people post about all types of things Can I not share something with my community of black people ..

the URL in the title of the thread.. plus the URL in your profile comment on the top page... taken together.. thats spam... which just means.. disinterested advertising thrown in general at a group of people simultaneously. Taken together with your 50 posts over an 11 year membership.. I took it as spam.. still do.

It's interesting though.. for what it's worth.

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