Black People : COVID-19 And Black Afrikans Freedom With Condition

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Luciferian Human Being Has Created All Type Of Ways To Oppress, And Confine Black Afrikan People

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

The Black Afrikan Race of a Nation has been ostracized, abused and confined all kind of ways imaginable and some unimaginable for the purpose to mark the Black Afrikan Race as being not worthy of Freedom, Justice, and Independence and you know what, there are some ******* as Defined By White Folks who Believe everything Lucifer says negatively about the Black Afrikan Nation living now Divided with self-hate.

The World Live based on a System of Monetary exchange so in such a system Class stratification is created based on the amount of money you have in your possession and/or access too, you see I am a Sociologist By Lucifer Education with a Minor in Political Science and am well experienced with the Politic of America, with practical experience, the enemy do not want you to know that I am the First Black Afrikans in Orlando to Run to be the Mayor of Orlando back in the early Seventies, I do not boast but What I share with Black Afrikans comes from a well experienced Divine Practical Mind, Need I inform you that I am serious about all that I know to share with Black Afrikan people without desiring anything from your Black behind but Action in pursuit of your Freedom!!!

So, in a capitalist system, as the saying goes, Money Talks and without it making you be ignorant without it which place you in what is referred to as a Bull-**** living condition, a condition of complete absent of power and authority over the way you are treated to live which is a living n total submission to those who are with an abundance of Money.

So, money of a Capitalist system dictate whether or not you have access to Freedom, Justice and Independence in the choices you make that is pertaining to you Living condition and to those without Power you can be assured that is because of a lack of abundance of money in your possession or being Black and dependent on your White Racist prejudice master who allow you to be with money in abundance to serve as a lie in America Capitalist system and in a capitalist structured system your monetary status determine the class structure you occupy and the Structure considered to be the Lower to the Upper Upper Lower Class structure, those occupying such a lack of an abundance of money in your possession under your control is not privileged to the Freedom, Justice and Independence Money have you living in such a Social class with abundance of influence therefore in a capitalist system, Money represent power and authority and without, it represent powerlessness and total submission to the Ruling authority with abundance of capital in your possession and in the world today it is the capitalist system that dictates the Rule of Law you are to abide by, such make the Black Afrikan to be totally dependent on that Racist Luciferian Unjust Prejudice Human Being no matter how much money you have, Black Woman and man, you are with to represent your Racist Prejudice Master and not freedom.

Case and point in today environment in America which is control by a capitalist system of Governing, you have today a Virus referred to as COVID-19, known to be the organism capable of ending your ability to Live Life in the physical and the COVID-19 is on the prowl today seeking whomever with such a weak immune system that has you to be easy prey to that killer hunting CONVID-19 and in America, there is an overabundance of Black and Hispanic Inmates sitting in America prisons and jails as sitting Ducks at a shooting gallery without no protection, sitting there without a Death Sentence but is made to be exposed to one and you tell me, Black Afrikan people who are without power and authority, that is America Justice at work and we rebel not against such evil that gives not an opportunity to the people living confined in America prisons and jails without being given the Freedom to defend against CONVID-19??

Absent of conviction of killing that was not in self-defense, all other convicted offense should be allowed to be let out, some with monitored control and some without if nonphysical offense which will include Drug offense most of all !!!

Now, why do I stress that point, well because of the fact who is the instigator in first trafficking Drugs into the Black Community, as for I am concerned, all Drugs charges should be against the CIA who Allowed Drugs to be introduced to the Black community, and with reparation paid to our Enslaved Ancestors Black Afrikans in America, not by choice is allowed to choose to go back to Afrika or not, those of us who choose to stay in America Reparation/Repatriation does not benefit you, and with Reparation we are to Go Freely back to our Mother and Father Land, Afrika, having what represent Freedom, Justice, and Independence in our possession, our Enslaved Ancestors which represent Reparation? Repatriation and any Black Afrikan telling to you a lie that a United States Of Afrika Government can be without having our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Re[atriation in our possession, ask them with a Divine Mind starring into their Mind, how do they propose it to be done, and if they attempt to answer you, see if it make Common **** Sense because if not and it will not, then run, run as fast as you can away from such an unwise mind living under the guidance of that racist Luciferian Human Being, beloved???

Divine Respect

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