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Sep 24, 2008
The word cosmology, is derived from the greek word cosmos, which means beauty, and is used in english to denote the creation, especially that which is outside of our atmosphere. Cosmology literally menas, the ordering or functioning of the universe. When we use the term, we are seeking to define or describe the powers which are at work in the physical world and which maintain it as it is. There is a a definite order with varying grades of power and authority which keeps the present order functioning. In this post we will look at the order which is given in the Hebt, ritual service book called Al Qu'ran, and explain who and what these powers are.
According to the Hebt the cosmos is ordered as such:



According to the Hebt Allah is the sole head, which is the driving force and mind of the creation. Whatever happens in the creation is done directly due to his will and functioning. Beneath Him in power is an entity known as the Ruh. Ruh means Soul and is related to the word rih, meaning wind. This entity is of an airy composition, that is aetheric and is said to pervade the creation. In hebrew this Ruh is called Ru Akh. Underneath the Ruh are the Malaikah. Malaikah are usually called Angels. This word is derived from the arabic root malak, meaning he had power or control over a thing. Lastly is the creation, called in Arabic Khalq, meaning completed work or deed.
Since we have seen the order of the cosmos, it is now left to us to decipher what exactly these powers and forces are which exist in the creation. Arabic is an Afro-Asiatic language, of the semitic branch. According to the latest linguistic theories the speech of Ancient Kem is proto semitic, or the base or prototype from which the semitic languages, i.e. arabic and hebrew, are derived. These languages were developed as the Hebrews seceeded from Kem and set up their own societies in the peninsula of the middle east. (More on this to follow.) So these languages, and the scriptures which come from them, are speaking in veiled ways, as it was futher back in the national consciouness, of the truths of the Anunian Theological school which ruled the lower kemetic religious landscape where these Hebrews came from. So when studying the cosmology of this text we nned to view it from the proper theological, and linguistic standpoint. Allah, meaning worshipful deity in arabic, is derived from two kemetic words ar and ah, that is sun and moon. Thus Allah is the being which combines within himself the active and passive aspects of creation, the primordial bisexual which evolved himself out of the nothingness, that is Ra-tem, or Ra the Complete One. Ruh, and in hebrew ru akh, is composed of the word ra akh, or the living soul of Ra. Thus the Ruh is that being which was brought out of the nothingness with Ra and which served as an expansion of His nature, this being was known in Kem as Djehuty. (See the Book of the Cow of Heaven Chapter 4.) In Kem Djehuty's seat was at Khemnu, the city of eight. The eight refered to is Pa Khemenu, the Ogoadad, the eight primordial ancestors of humanity. Djehuty was the symbol of these eight as a single being, and these eight were/are the progenitors of mankind and were/are a representation of perfected humanity.
Maliakah means forces or powers and are synonymous with the Neteru-ta, those individual consciousness which have no free will but accomplish the will of Allah/Re-Herakhte by controlling the physical forces of nature and arranging them according to the divine decree. This is the order of the universe and the forces which control what we call existence. Once again they are:
Allah-Re Herakhte

Ruh-Perfected Ancestors

These are the forces which control the world, and regulate and guide the creation to its goal of completion or perfection.

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