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Feb 19, 2001
Dawsey: Cops Dehumanize Blacks for Fun




going above and beyond
Feb 19, 2001
Why Is the Mainstream Media Ignoring This 14 Year-Old Beaten and Tasered In the Face?

The mother of a 14-year-old child claims the police of Tullytown, Pennsylvania left her son badly bruised, swollen, beaten and tasered in the face. Since the mainstream media has ignored this story, she began petitioning people online for help in getting the word out.

Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler tried to justify the abuse, saying that the Tullytown police were called to Wal-Mart for a shoplifting incident.
Three young males were taken into custody, but one, the child in question, got away and started running toward Route 13.
Police said that they “feared for his safety.” So what did they do? They tasered him… In the face.
How exactly they tasered a child in the face who was running away from them is unclear. Heckler acknowledges that the police fired a Taser barb, hitting the boy in the shoulder and cheek. Again, if he was far away from them and running away, the official police story makes little sense.
The police claim all of his injuries to the face were from the 14-year-old falling. But this too seems an unbelievable claim. The injuries to his face indicate multiple points of impact. It is clear someone beat this child up, just as it is clear he was facing the police when they discharged the taser in his face.
The big question is not how are the police getting away with this clear cover-up for illegal police brutality. The big question is why the mainstream corporate media are ignoring this story and giving these rogue cops a free pass.



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Feb 19, 2001
Long Beach Police Accused Of Beating Teen For No Reason (VIDEO)

Posted: 11/20/2013 3:44 pm EST | Updated: 11/20/2013 3:48 pm EST

Video, Carlo Gonzalez Long Beach, Carlo Gonzalez Beating, Long Beach Beating, Long Beach Beating Video, Long Beach Police Beating, Long Beach Teen Beating, Lbpd, Long Beach Police, Police Beating, Police Beating Video, Police Brutality, Police Brutality Video, Black Voices News

An African American teen has accused police in Southern California of beating him for no reason. Two civilians on the scene caught the incident on videos that are embedded above.
Long Beach police said officers were responding to reports of a fight early Monday morning when they arrested Carlo Gonzalez, 18, KTLA reports in the exclusive video above.
But Gonzalez told KTLA that there was no fight and that he was just playing around with his friends. Gonzalez said cops tackled him, threw him to a curb and began beating him for no reason.
In the videos above, Gonzalez appears to be handcuffed and rolling around as officers beat him with batons. Police said Gonzalez was resisting arrest.
"He tased my leg, and they were just striking me with the batons in the back until it broke," Gonzalez said. "Then he started hitting me with a flashlight, and then I got kicked right here [pointing to his eye]."
"These people are supposed to be trained to be able to diffuse the situation," Gonzalez's tearful mother said to KTLA.
Long Beach police Sgt. Aaron Eaton said the department is reviewing the videos and will respond appropriately.
"Anytime you have use of force, it just doesn't look good," Eaton said to KTLA. "But we really have to just look at the context of what the officers were engaged [in] at that point."
Gonzalez was arrested for public intoxication, possession of marijuana and resisting arrest. His mother said she bailed him out jail and then took him to the hospital for his injuries. She said that, until now, Gonzalez has had no criminal record.



going above and beyond
Feb 19, 2001
Dane Scott Jr, Oklahoma Teen, Tried To Surrender Before Cop Shot Him: Witness
By TIM TALLEY 11/20/13 02:51 PM ET EST


Randy Harrison, Dane Scott, Dane Scott Jr Death, Dane Scott Jr Shot, Dane Scott Jr Surrender, Oklahoma Teen Shot By Police, Randy Harrison Shooting, Randy Harrison Trial, Black Voices News

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A teenager who witnessed an Oklahoma police captain fatally shoot his unarmed friend testified Wednesday that the 18-year-old raised his hands and appeared to try to surrender before he was shot.
John Lockett, 17, was on the witness stand for a second day in the trial of Del City police Capt. Randy Harrison, 48, who is charged with first-degree manslaughter in the March 14, 2012, death of Dane Scott Jr. Harrison, a 23-year veteran of the police department in Del City, located southeast of Oklahoma City, has pleaded not guilty and faces a minimum of four years and a maximum of life in prison if convicted.
Harrison had previously arrested Scott on drug violations, and prosecutors say he seemed obsessed with the teen. A police affidavit says Scott posed no threat of death or great bodily harm when he was shot in the back, but the defense says Harrison's use of deadly force was justified because of Scott's actions before the shooting.
Lockett said Scott was running from Harrison when the officer opened fire. "He had his hands up like this," Lockett said, holding his hands up over his head. "He put his hands up like he surrendered."
Prosecutors say Harrison fired four bullets, one of which went through both of Scott's lungs and pierced his aorta.
Harrison had tried to pull over a car Scott was driving when the teen led Harrison on a high-speed chase. Lockett, who was in the car, testified Tuesday that Scott tried to hide marijuana and a gun he had. The car eventually crashed into a tractor-trailer.
After the collision, Scott and Harrison scuffled on the ground before Scott wriggled free, Lockett said. Authorities have said that during that scuffle, Harrison took a handgun from Scott and the teen was not armed when he was shot.
Another witness, Eric Thomason, 48, of Oklahoma City, testified that Harrison appeared to be fighting for his life as he struggled to disarm Scott. But Thomason said the teen did not appear to be a threat to Harrison or another officer nearby when the shooting happened.
"I never felt him as a threat to me," Thomason said.

Thomason, who was with a co-worker in a pickup truck that pulled up to an intersection where the struggle was taking place, said that when the two were wrestling on the ground, he thought Scott was trying to shoot the officer. "I was looking down the barrel of the gun they were fighting over," he said.
But Harrison was able to knock the handgun from Scott's hand before Scott broke free, Thomason said. Scott started running away from the officer and toward the pickup, Thomason said. He said he got out of the truck and tried to grab Scott as he ran by. Scott slipped his grasp and attempted to climb over a fence before he was shot and fell to the ground.
Thomason said he was frightened by the gunfire.
"The gun was being pointed in my direction," Thomason said. "I felt like I was in the line of fire."
After Harrison was charged last year, his attorney said prosecutors' decision was made in part to prevent the kind of racial discord that erupted after high-profile shootings in Florida and Tulsa. Scott was black; Harrison is white.
Scott was shot a few weeks after the death of Trayvon Martin, the black teen who was unarmed when he was shot in Florida by a neighborhood watch volunteer. And Harrison was charged within weeks of the arrests of two white men accused of fatally shooting three black people in Tulsa during a shooting spree that investigators described as racially motivated.



going above and beyond
Feb 19, 2001
Teen Thrown In Violent New York Prison For Years Without Ever Having Been Convicted
The Huffington Post | By Amanda Scherker Posted: 11/20/2013 11:44 am EST | Updated: 11/20/2013 11:47 am EST

Video, Rikers Island, False Imprisonment, Kalief Browder, Kalief Browder Nypd, Kalief Browder Rikers, New York City Police, Racist Criminal Justice, Teen Falsely Accused, Teen Wrongfully Imprisoned, Black Voices News

Bronx resident Kalief Browder was walking home from a party when he was abruptly arrested by New York City police officers on May 14, 2010. A complete stranger said Browder had robbed him a few weeks earlier and, consequently, changed the 16-year-old's life forever.
Browder was imprisoned for three years before the charges were dropped in June 2013, according to a WABC-TV Eyewitness News investigation.
At the time of the teen's arrest, Browder's family was unable to pay the $10,000 bail. He was placed in the infamously violent Rikers Island correctional facility, where he remained until earlier this year.
Now that he's free, the young man is speaking up about his experience.
"I spent three New Year's in there, three birthdays...," Browder, now 20, said in a recent interview with WABC, adding that he was released with "no apology."
In October, Browder filed a civil lawsuit against the Bronx District Attorney, City of New York, the New York City Police Department, the New York City Department of Corrections and a number of state-employed individuals.
The official complaint states Browder was "physically assaulted and beaten" by officers and other inmates during his time at Rikers Island. The document also maintains the accused was "placed in solitary confinement for more than 400 days" and was "deprived meals." In addition, officers allegedly prevented him from pursuing his education. Browder attempted suicide at least six times.
In an interview with The Huffington Post, Browder's current lawyer Paul Prestia summarized his client's experience as "inexplicable" and "unheard of." Based off one man's identification, Browder was charged with robbery in the second degree, he notes. It took three years to dismiss these charges, even though it was, in Prestia's words, a "straightforward case to try."
"The city needs to be held accountable for what happened," Prestia said. "[Browder] had a right to a fair and speedy trail, and he wasn't afforded any of that. He maintained his innocence the entire time, and essentially got a three year sentence for that."
Still, when Browder was offered a plea deal in January, he refused to take it, because he did not want to plead guilty to the crime, WABC-TV notes. (Had Browder been tried in a timely fashion and pled guilty to the crime, Prestia told HuffPost, he might have spent less time in prison.)
Prestia adds that his client has suffered lingering mental health problems, and though he's currently going to school for his GED, he's "clearly way behind from where he would have been."
"We need someone to be held accountable," Prestia said. "This can't just go unnoticed. To the extent that [Browder] can be financially compensated -- although it's not going to get those years back for him -- it may give him a chance to succeed."
The District Attorney's office said it was unable to comment, as Browder's allegations are currently the subject of ongoing litigation.
Incidentally, Browder's claims about his experience at Rikers Island are consistent with findings from a recent report commissioned by the New York City Board of Correction. The report, obtained by The Associated Press, notes that the use of force by prison staff has more than tripled from 2004 to 2013, from seven incidents of force per 100 inmates, to almost 25. Additionally, the number of self-mutilation and suicide attempts by Rikers inmates have increased by 75 percent from 2007 to 2012. According to the report, 40 percent of the city jail’s 12,200 inmates are mentally ill, and many of these inmates are placed in solitary confinement "holes" as punishment


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