Quiet Poetry Lounge : COPLAND gang of roses


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Reverse in deadly fear
I can't breathe fall on death ear
black lives matter
cop land at hand gang of war
change from the white coat
uniform guns thy tote
communities cries police gun smoke
black lives matter
struggle laid under da silver platter
another gone, hate continue on
in da hands of copland
all is left is a gang of roses
split cities like da red sea of mosses
badge of silence, fear the hand
taking down by da copland
black lives matter, words shatter
daily beat of the nations city streets
bang pow! chock and lock copland
da people shout, killing field lives spill
unarmed, hands up get ready bout to bust
they serve us no trust
none protection to da American black man
black lives matter
bringing in a new way to defeat
by da so call law, design and raging raw
gang of roses
hands and guns just don't mix
mental minds racially fix
laws and govern sadly a glitch
living in fear of the badge
judges rules families smash
New movement at large

A unsung production
Nu-wave Ink creation
All rights reserved 15
Da $R


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