Black Spirituality Religion : Contradictions in the Holy Qu'ran.........


Dec 20, 2004
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1. Behold! the angels said: "O Mary! Allah gives thee glad tidings ...
Sura 3:42 & 45

Then we sent to her Our angel, and he appeared before he as a man in all respects. She said: "I seek refuge from thee to (Allah) Most Gracious: (Come not near) If thou dost fear Allah."
Sura 19:17-18

- Was it angels or 1 man that came to mary???

2. Lo! We let loose on them a raging wind on a day of constant calamity, [54:19]

And as for A'ad, they were destroyed by a fierce roaring wind, Which He imposed on them for seven long nights and eight long days so that thou mightest have seen men lying overthrown, as they were hollow trunks of palm-trees. [69:6-7] - so how many days did it really take, several or just 1????????

3. First earth and then heaven [2:29], heaven and after that earth [79:27-30].

4. "NO protector besides Allah" [2:107, 29:22]. But in Sura 41:31 the angels themselves say: "We are your protectors in this life and the Hereafter." And also in other suras is their role described as guarding [13:11, 50:17-18] and protecting [82:10]. - who is the protector????

5. "Then We cast him on a desert shore while he was sick" [37:145] "Had not Grace from his Lord reached him, he would indeed have been cast off on the naked shore while he was reprobate." [68:49] - what happened to Jonah??

6. No angel is arrogant, they all obey Allah [16:49-50], but: "And behold, we said to the ANGELS: 'Bow down to Adam'. And THEY bowed down, EXCEPT Iblis. He refused and was haughty." [2:34]. - do ALL angels obey or not???

7. Sura 2:62 and 5:69 say "Yes", Sura 5:72 (just 3 verses later) and 3:85 say "No". - will Christians enter paradise or not????

8. According to Sura 19:71 every Muslim will go to Hell (for at least some time), while another passage states that those who die in Jihad will go to Paradise immediately - will all Muslims taste of hell or not??????

to be continued.........Talk to me!!!!!!



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Mar 25, 2005

Peace and prosperity black man...

If it were me, I would have titled the thread Contradictions in the Translation of Koran.
But anyway.....

Since you believe the Koran has contradictions, do you still consider yourself Muslim?


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Mar 25, 2005
this will have folks thinking for while Im sure

Maybe some folks....not me.

I can easily refute most of that stuff up there he's calling "contradictions" if I wanted to.

And I just might..... :book:


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Nov 2, 2004
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Preceptions or Contradictions ??

The so called "Book of the Dead" or "Coming forth by Day" The Book of Life-which represents the Orignal sacred writings and the words of life and peace. The ancient African sacred writings were known as the "Medu Neter" (Medu-meaning words; and Neter meaning G-d). Hence, the Medu Neter was and should be called "G-d's Words" or "The Word of G-d", pre-dates the Torah (Old Testiment), Injel (New Testiment) and Qur'an by Thousands of years.
These scriptures were first discovered by the Indo-European grave robbers known to us as Archiologest and used to create false Doctorins for crowd control over the Indigenus peoples they found every ware they went on this earth. ((Question: If they went there, from ware did they come??))
Courious enough is the fact that "All" of these so-called "Major" religions are all in the hands of people out side of (KMT) so-called Africa. None are controled by Blacks.
Africa's greatest enemy's have always been the Indo-European, weather called by the name Arab, Ayrian, Caucasion, Europen or White, the relationship has historicly always been the same, "Slavery, Suffering, Death".
Prophet Muhammad Iban Abdula PBH is the "Last" to come to the wicked, no more will they receive. "Allah says to them, I have compleated my favor to you".
KMT,KEMET,Alkibulan,Etiope,Ethiopia, Abbassinea or Africa has always had (Sages) Prophets and none of them has ever claimed to be the "Last One to Come" to the Black African People.
Agree or Dis-agree, historicly speaking,before-6,000 years ago there was no so-called "White-Race" on this planet Earth.
They know who you are Black man and Black woman of KEMET, the problem is, "We" have forgotten who "We" and "They" really are today. Fortunately, our Black Ancestors of KMT (Africa) Egypt knew well and left us the proof.
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