Black Poetry : *** CONSPIRACY THEORY 101 ***


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Sep 11, 2003
In tha Northwest Corner of “Turtle Island”
Service to God/Allah/ Amun Ra in tha Maintenance &
Conspiracy Theory 101—
Illuminating Secret 'Matrix Machinations'
Revelations of Unholy Persuasions...

Shaman Griots of tha Zulu Nations
tell tales
of Millenniums of Incestuous Dragons
breathing illuminati flames
upon a sleeping
slow roasting planet...

Gag at the nauseous stench of burning flesh
from a dying & murdered civilization

Recoil in horror
at blind deaf & dumb rhythmic screams
& screams
that scream in crescendos of orchestrated agonies
Crying in litanies
of servile ignorance & patriotic fervor & adore

With back stage passes to Centuries of interbred treachery
Observe this deathly season of malignant reason...
even as the Whites trade in Black slaves
Witness their macabre marriage to larcenous gluttonous
African Kings of betrayal & treason...

All Hail tha Imperial New World Dis-Order!

Founders of Global Institutionalized Mayhem—
Perpetrators of Shadow Government Sanctioned Tyranny
Watch the Manifest Destiny of European Progeny!

See tha Genocide born of Pride
as Indians Africans Asians
were slain by tha Millions

Shall We not Celebrate tha Democracy
of Hypocrisy?

Conspiracy Theory 101

waz no Illusion—
but iz a Collusion
Dividing & Conquering
Shell Shocked ex-Slaves
Slaughtering Afrikhan first born
& second & third born
& women & children too

In search of a Black Messiah
to crucify—
till him die...

United Snakes of AmeriKKKaz
Murdering of a ‘Kings’ Dream—
a Collaboration in tha Assassination
of El Hajj
Malik Shabazz ...

& As Pinocchio tries to cut his strings...

& tha Color of your ***
takes a back seat to Power & Principality—

John & Robert Kennedy
fell violently out of vogue
& were made dead—
By the Grace of the 13 Families
13 Dynasties of Coordinated Tragedies...

International Cartels
Of Bankers from Hell

Chanting tha 'Protocols of Zion'
& Wielding the 'Occult Technology of Power'

Centuries of ‘Freemasons’—
Initiating ‘Trilateral Commissions’ & ‘Counsels on Foreign Relations’
Inseminating ‘Bohemian Clubs’— ‘Bilderberg Groups’—‘Illuminati’s’
Breeding devious ravenous ‘Skulls & Bones’
Bloodsucking Presidential Monstrosities...

Infiltrating & Desecrating tha Sovereignty of Humanity...
While the trusting sleeping multitudes march Gleefully

to their doom...
because they assume

There no such thing as a “Conspiracy Theory”...

& The Federal Reserve is a Private Preserve—
tha Personal Piggy Bank of Inbred Old Money
Generations of 'Power Legacies'
that alter tha Planets Destinies—
just to be Funny `

As the 'Rothchilds' bastard step child— tha ‘World Trade Organization’
Wraps Debt around tha throats of a polluted ‘United Nations’

Time Bends & Space Folds
while Nero Burns Rome
& Hitler Torches tha Reichstag...

Conjuring & Crafting tha Osama—Bush Drama
Loving Bedfellows & Business Buddies...
2 Dynasties of Treachery
Spawning Diabolical Homicidal Orgies
of World Manipulation

& 911 waz a Sinister Incantation
A Twin Towering Economic Monolithic Castration

Designed to Usher in—‘One World’ One Government Domination!

Mutilating American Liberty
with a smirking arrogant Texas Cyclops Stolen Presidency
Sacrificed on the Altar of 'Hidden Families' Global Prosperity...

Bush—Cheney—Ashcroft—Rumsfeld—Rice & Powell
Perpetrators of a Coup d'etat Treasonous & Foul

Brutally betraying Americas ‘Homeland Security’
Instituting Un-‘Patriotic Act’s of Fascist Police State Cruelty

& tha Military will Roll Armored Tanks
over ‘Posse Comitatus’ Civil Authority!

As GOD is Expelled from Congress & banned from Class Rooms...

Cowardly Media Whores suck tha putrid phallus of Satan’s Seed
& Vomits propaganda' mass lies & distortions of Lust & Greed


“Get your 'National ID' Credit Card!”

“Inject your 'Micro Chip' today”

“Ladies you know 'Barcodes' are very fashionable—
especially behind tha Neck"...

As the Officials you Elect
cater to Ghoulish Vampire Reptilian Hybrids
Class Elitists
Ruthless Obsessed

Ultra-Wealthy & Morally Bankrupt

Control Freaks

Feeding upon tha Human Population
Stealing & Hording tha Cream of Civilization

For their Incestuous Mutations...

& Fiendish Machinations
Lay in wait— as Hells Gate
Swings Open & a Premeditated World War III is Released
with Dragon-man made Sickness & Pestilence
to Murder tha Earth’s Peace

Billions & Billions will Die so that a Deranged Few
Can enjoy their Twisted View...

While Driving tha Surviving Earthling Cattle
into a 'New World Order' of Mega City Concentration Camps
Brimming with Sexual Excess Drugs Disease Fear Money & Death...
Complete with High Definition Television— Remote Controls
Computers & Tickets to tha Super Bowl...

Tick Tock Tick Tock—

Knock Knock, Knock Knock

Who is at the Door of your Mind???

Feel their Fangs in your Soul
Before your Spirit Drains

Sharpen your Paranoia
Resist this Beast!

Fight for your Hood!
Suspicion is Good!

Wake Up!


Tell your Brother
to Tell your Mother
to Tell your Sister
to Tell your Father

There is a Monster
in them there “BUSH”es !

& — We had better Chop Them Down!!!

Copy Written @ 2004 Mawelulu Onwuku Amun-Ra


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Oct 4, 2003
Northeast give us much to digest here. Bottom line is, things haven't changed much in these parts since the slave trade, and in some ways, it's gotten worse since we're all supposed to be free....It's an election year, better get out there and vote him out, assuming that our votes will count this time. You give us much to think about with each intricately laced phrase.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001

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